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  1. Jadess

    Jadess Member

    i go to a strict boarding school.... but i cant live without smoking up they do room checks regularly, and wen i get stuff i usually smoke it pretty fast, i want to use a bong, because I feel I get the best affect that way, can anyone tell me some good ways to make bongs using limited materials, thnx
  2. mr.highman

    mr.highman Member

    get a plastic coke bottle or simaler burn a hole for the joint to go in near the bottom of the bottle,and then opposite that hole burn a 'rush' hole that your thumb can cover but not too small. to hit it place your thumb over the rush and suck on the mouthpiece untill the bottle fills with smoke then release your thumb and inhale.

    you can replace the joint with a unsrcewable bong cap just adjust the holes size.
  3. bluebud

    bluebud Member

    yep, thats the way to go, without getting to complicated. good luck"]
  4. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    I have Mucho experience in this field! i'll fill you in on how i used to make my Bongs.

    I'd start with getting a plastic 2 Litre Coke Bottle and Burning a small hole at the very bottom that you can cover with your get a peice of Tinfoil and wrap it over the top of the bottle...create a little pocket for Your Grass/hashish and Punch "very lightly" small holes in the foil with a needle or other narrow sharp object until you hve enough for smoke to pass through the foil back off preserving the shape and fill the bottle with water..presuming you have easy access to a sink in your Room/dorm/whatever....holding your finger over the hole at the bottom...when the bottle Fill's replace the Foil back over the top of the bottle and fill with your Grass/hashish...put the bottle over the Sink and as You begin to burn with a Lighter release your finger from the hole at the bottom and watch as the suction created by the draining water suck's absolutely every inch of goodness from your grass/hashish...wait till it emptys remove foil Lid and Inhale...ok this may sound horribley complex but i get the best high's ever with this i mainly smoked hashish so this was the best system for me as i dislike smoking joints with Tobacco in them..anyways..hope this helped!.
  5. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    neither of these are just plain bongs.

    mrhighman, you just described a homeade bowl basically. the smoke doesn't go through water. but that still is a pretty good idea. it would allow you to just get huge hits from the joint. i've never done that.

    and dharmabum, that's called a waterfall bong, right? i've heard of those but never tried it. basically the same as a gravity bong. (same concept and same type of hit). i bet you it's pretty harsh and makes you cough.

    you could just buy a small bong and find a really good hiding spot for it. my friends and i used to make homeade bongs all the time. here's an example:
    1. get a pop bottle.​
    2. poke a hole it it and find something that you can use for a bowlhead. we used trumpet mouthpices a lot. just experiment, but be safe. don't use something that will melt.​
    3. jam the bowlhead into the hole and seal it with tape or something. chewed gum would work great.​
    4. put some water in it. make sure the bowlhead extends into the water.​
    5. pack the bowlhead.​
    6. smoke out of where you drink from.​
    note: you can also put a carb, choke, rush hole, or whatever you call it in the side so you can clear it.​
    second note: we also used plastic milk jugs.​
  6. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Hey Porkstock

    yeh the Method i described is commonly known as a waterfall and in the early day's it used to choke the hell out of me...but i developed a little knack of trashing a little water at the end of the bottle around while it was full of smoke and that generally cooled it enough to make it downable..but i'm gonna give your method a try at some sound's pretty good.thank's for the heads up!
  7. Jadess

    Jadess Member

    Thanks a lot, everyone...this has really helped me.
  8. go to a grocery store and go to the candy/toy machines that are in the front and get one of those round bubbles(bak bak eggs) that you get with a toy. THen go home, take something hot and sharp hot to the top of it such as a soldering iron or a metal skewer or small screwdriver held over the flame of the stove for a bit and melt 2 holes in the colored top of the bubble(bak bak egg) One in the middle to hold your bowl with stem attached that you either get from a headshop or take from an existing bong and the other for a mouthpiece in which case I used a cut straw. It is important that the holes are not too big and just right to fit both the stem and the mouthpiece. Once they are in place, put some apoxy, silicone, rubber cement or etc. around them just to make sure all seals are tight. Now just fill the buube/egg with water to the appropriate bubbling level and enjoy. If you dont want it it tip over since it is round, you can be creative and make a base out of pretty much anything. I apoxied it to a square piece of cardboard
  9. PeRrY

    PeRrY Member

    Go to the DEA's web site. There they got pictures of many different types of homemade pieces that they have conviscated.
    If you any slight amt. of intelligence, you could copy one of those ideas

    But, Why not just buy one?

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