"Bold Exploration:man's salvation"

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    Bold Exploration:man's salvation
    By Spinelli

    Creeping up slowly
    in the midst of the night
    Feeling your way, softly,
    imagination, your sight
    For there will never be another you
    there will always be
    a lie told true

    Playing your cards discordant with your heart
    you embezzle your purpose
    you finish as you start
    Seek not the prison cells of chained desire
    where time sees your weakness,
    he extinguishes your fire

    Shake hands with possibility
    Look him in the eye
    Promise him audacity, tenacity and eternal supply

    Awakening the fright, in the deepest of oceans
    Exposing the doubt, in the darkest of caves
    Adventures to your inner self
    What your heart, truly craves

    Soaring the heights of human existence
    over the valleys of vengeance
    above the clouds of confusion
    You break the rules of gravity
    as, once the reality, is now the illuson

    Limited, are we,
    denying condradiction of our comprehensions
    absurdity in paradox, concepts of dimensions
    Some other place, right here
    sometime, right now
    exists, somehow
    Yet, the mind's boundaries, does not allow,
    does not know how

    Use, not the boundaries to form your perception
    the true totality of the earth was eventually found,
    to be not of a flatness, but one so round
    To have faith in where your ship is heading
    You'll find a compass in your soul
    get in touch with your bearings
    and fulfill your earthly role

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