Body, Heart, and Soul

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by old_crone, May 12, 2004.

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    Body, Heart, and Soul
    Let me love you,

    body, heart, and soul.

    Spirit deep within.

    For this moment here in time.

    No promises are made.

    For I am whole without,


    Just wanting to draw closer,

    closer than I have ever been.

    Like water falls

    raging rivers

    and slow summer nights.

    Mossy green places, sandy beaches,

    Embraces under a canopy stars,

    full moons, and harvest times.

    Naked , trusting

    in this place of vulnerability

    that draws us in with intimate fingers

    seeking remembrances along this form.

    Let me love you body, heart, and soul.


    my way up this winding path.


    and wooded flowers sit side by side.

    Fruit up on a rooted vine.

    Becoming love where nothings hid.

    Glowing like the eternal flame.

    No fears inside, doubts are gone.

    Energy created for the work ,

    the growing here as one.

    I see within your eyes the spirits calling for this place.

    This place of loving from a heart that’s true .

    So quietly in awe I ask

    With spirit by my side

    upon these sacred grounds

    Let me love you

    body ,heart, and soul.

  2. Incubus

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    Looks like we have Cyrano on the forums. A very good love poem... I think there was some metaphores... "Sacred grounds" for example reminds me of the place where you met this girl, or i was also reminded of her vagina lol... Like in this one famous poem... err i hate that (forgot the name) the author used "sacred river" to describe her vagina.. but i dont know, you got good talent, I would recomend using a smaller font so its easier to follow... bravo good poem A-
  3. old_crone

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    Hi Incubus

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. When we are whole and true unto ourselves, and spirit... we can not help but walk in the greatest love of all. The "I Am" of what it means to live, and become one with all that is. In this place one becomes the love poem, the dance, and the rhythms played.
  4. gdhmomchild

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    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading (and rereading) your beautiful poem. Touched me. Thanks again
  5. Crystaleyez

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    beautiful thank you for sharing that it was so positive shine on sis
  6. saffronfrancisburnet

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    this is beautiful
    it delved in to my heart
    how we fall deep with feelings thoughts and soul.

    thank you this made my hope stronger...towards the world

    love n peace from saff.

    the most lovely bit for me was

    like water falls raging rivers and slow summer nights

    {all emotions rage and fall.}

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