Bob Marley is the god of reggae!

Discussion in 'Reggae and Ska' started by Tommy1The1Cat, May 9, 2007.

  1. Tommy1The1Cat

    Tommy1The1Cat Senior Member

    all right it got to be aaalright!!!!
  2. vactom

    vactom Fire on the Mountain

    If you love Bob Marley so much, then how come your username is a Primus song? ;)
  3. rainbowedskylover

    rainbowedskylover Senior Member

    mabey because he likes that too
  4. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    bob marley is not god of reggae.
  5. pazyamor

    pazyamor Member

    bob marley is god...
  6. bob marley wouldnt want you to think he is god...................think before you speak if you love him so much.
  7. I wouldn't say hes the god of reggae, i agree with alot of his beliefs tho.. hes definitly the man.. i think hes totally responsible for making reggae more mainstream .
  8. Wormed

    Wormed Member

    Because primus rawwwks.
  9. bbluvsu

    bbluvsu Member

    i HATE primus but i love marley... i wouldn't consider him a god but i really do love marley
  10. Elliott

    Elliott Banned

  11. Barbuchon

    Barbuchon Member

    People telling that Bob Marley is actually the God of Reggea don't know 2 CENTS of the reggea culture. I'm so tired of people thinkin' Bob is all that exists. Bob is just responsible to let the World knows about Reggae music. That's - all - .

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