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    This isn't marijuana related, but I figure most of you are spendin most of your cash on pot and love free stuff... I got a decent post count, check my past posts, etc. This website, Blingo, is basically google (it uses google search engine) but you setup an account, and up to 25 searches a day your entered to win a prize (it tells you immeditately if u won) its pretty much always a free fandango movie ticket or itunes, but i guess some people win some good cash or cars (i assume very rare.) if you refer people, anyone you refer or they refer that wins a prize, you get that prize...

    thats my link... if anyone else is interested and signs up thru this post your referral link... click then hit see my referral link... reply to my post saying "Under You" and then post the link. The next person to sign up should use that persons link and say "Under You." Spread your link to other forums, as it increases your chances of winning.

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