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    of all my words, i stink in misery
    i grasped for truthfullness and found my own deserted sadness
    and hope is wished through the endless confusion
    shining like a lonely star in the darkest of night
    burning on it's own pain
    waiting for the childlike shimmer of dead mirrors
    busted and flat from confusion like my empty bag of sand

    and i gaze down from this theater's wall, through the mist, smoke and all
    i'm waiting for this friend you know, i guess he knows, he's supposed to tell me where to go
    but i've laid down the scriptures, i've cast out these shadows, i'm supposed to fill you with beauty but in so i would leave myself breathless
    i've cast no lies towards you and you know i believe you as far as you use words, but what they mean is of not much meaning to me

    and my friend he knows, he's not as one but for many, he knows pain but does not bring it, he feels for us, he does not lie
    jokers rain, fell down cast rolled it's sadness in the palm of love's hand
    god understands, there has no thought gone by, no meaning dissappointed
    and yet my sadness does not end
    for whom i'm defending

    i replace myself once more, it's not religion
    just the delay in things, the way they pass
    some gather round you most gently, others flee your presence whenever
    and some they carve and nail themselves in your flesh
    and in radiating minds of souls to gentle or just too alive

    wish your words well, do not wait for me
    just onto yourselves you might be, for all equallity
    and with loose metaphore, press down into life
    make your mark as long as you can, love might save you
    or just on one last rampage where circumstance is faith, and truth is long
    for either with blood and light will you be freed, and flow solemnly
    believe and hold on to truth as long as you can, i know you've tried
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    very wonderful words
    this is how your work made me feel...........
    how you have searched your soul to express
    these feelings and thoughts
    i love the moment you move from yourself almost
    on bended knee to telling all how truth lasts
    as long as we believe in oursleves........

    lovely work
    love n peace from saff
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    i never could hold on to one word or one line of speech too long,
    it's just the way thoughts changed and became something else once spoken, and as such i wrote these words, ever changing my opinion, the only truth reliable enough to be mentioned

    building a houseboat in heaven(tvz)

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