Blast Off, Lonely Astronaut

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by realityneversticks, Aug 22, 2005.

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    What a lonely astronaut she is
    Her heart as cold as outer space
    Their she goes in her lonely spaceship
    Running from problems she can't face

    I try to get close to the lonely astronaut
    But a thick suit of fear pushes me away
    I follow her from star to star
    But don't think that I don't pay

    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    And thanks for your concern
    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    Just leave me here to burn

    She takes off to deserted planets
    And rides the asteroid belt
    She goes to the sun and hides
    Making my heart melt

    Will you travel the Milky Way
    Before caving into me
    Are you that afraid of commitement
    Is your heart so really free

    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    Into the starry sky
    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    Don't even tell me why

    Your heart is like pluto
    Harsh, dark and without care
    I can't seem to be able to
    Get through your atmosphere

    Everytime I try
    I get shot down in flames
    Don't know how long I can
    Put up with these games

    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    Don't leave me here to rot
    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    Because you're all I've got

    I won't hold your space ship back girl
    I just want to be in the passenger seat
    I want to visit all the moons with you
    Make my galaxy complete

    I don't know your name lonely astronaut
    And I guess you'll never say
    But I don't need your name little girl
    To love you everyday

    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    What more can I say
    Blast off, lonely astronaut
    You know I'll find a way
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    YES! alright, man! this is gonna be our hit single, i swear it! awesome, man!

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