Bladder infection and cold med question

Discussion in 'Health' started by Applespark, Dec 30, 2004.

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    So I believe I have a bladder infection. The first one I have ever had. My mother in law was jsut telling me a few weeks ago how she had one and I told her I'd never had low and behold here I am with I asked for it or somehting...anyways. I think it's been round for a week now and I called to make an appointment at a clinic nearby since I have no healthcare insurance at the moment they can get me in on monday which is like days away and this **** is painful yu know....??!! So I'm all messed up right now with that and a head cold to boot...just getting over all the period wows and a flu bug in the I feel so tired. I got everything I need to get me through th enew years hopefully as pain free as possible the cran berry juice, water, cough drops, pain reliever for my uti...etc....but because of my head cold I was wondering if it was ok to take cold meds with the pain meds for my bladder infection? Like take contact at the same time you take urostat? cuz right now my head hurts from my head cold...just not sure what I can do.
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    you could always talk to a pharmacist. they know everything about drug interactions and give out their info for free. if you're taking allopathic meds, you might as well talk to the experts.

    sorry you're feeling so shitty. it seems like there's always a wave of illness around major holidays.

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