Black Tar Heroin and Mexican Jails

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by KissYourKiller, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Was down in TJ, Mexico just after christmas. You can get anything down there i swear to god? Anyways, i ended up charging $1000 to my credit card in 3 days despite staying free at someone's house for a day and not sleeping another. Towards the end of the first day, i dont really remember what happened to tell the truth but i ended up having to spend 24 hours in jail. You get you strip down to your birthday suit then put your clothes back on. I luckily had no drugs on me. Some american before me in there had his cell phone taken away for good, along with $500 cash he had in his wallet and hit nice watch. I looked like a fucking worthless scrub, and my wallet was empty so they just threw me in a cell. You get sick if you drink the water or eat the excuse for oatmeal with jizz they give you. After getting out of jail i immediately scurried off into the streets with the other rats to get some smack. I met up with an older american lady that i met the first day. It was pure luck i found her. She's been living there in Mexico for 25years. She shoots up in her neck. Yeah. Some guy tried to rob me with a knife but i was so smacked up i thought he was just trying to ask me a question. He thought i was completely insaine, and ran away. You can get any kind of pills you want, but you have to know someone usually. I simply went through a sly taxi cab driver. The pharmacist had oxy contins hiding in a box of tylenol packets. Go figure. Lost my car on the first day. Finally found it on the 3rd day right before it was about to get towed. Go figure. I got a ticket but ripped it up on the freeway drive back to the states while high on speed smoking a cig. I smugged back plenty of black tar and oxys. Was doing crack in san fransisco a few days later while a complete stranger shot me up. Back to san diego on new years. Good times. The cat with -5 lives.
  2. Timmaniac

    Timmaniac Member

    mmm i wouldn;t like it

    i mean to live like that

    but its a choice
  3. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    interesting story.
  4. SoFarAway

    SoFarAway Friendly Fried Guy

    Sounds like the life of a junkie.....

    Good luck with that man.

    DR. REEFER Member

    lol, sounds like somethng out of a movie..............or life of a junkie either way
  6. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    with out the junkie stuff it sounds kinda like the story behind the song "mexico" that moe. plays.

    Only he was in jail for public urination. It's a funny story. The chorus is :
    "I'm a million miles away from home
    and I can't find a telephone
    My folks don't even know where I am
    Hell! I don't even know where I am!"
  7. RxHEAD

    RxHEAD Member

    I can't say I am envious...Sounds like it would have been a 'Bad Trip' for me...But hey, if it makes you happy it can't be that bad. Only not really Glamorous to me...Peace and stay alive
  8. Who am I to judge you? Do as you please, just don't hurt any innocents along the way.

    I'm here to read and be entertained. That was entertaining. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, every now and then i think about that street rat that stuck a knife at my stomach. I laugh my fucking head off. I out insained an insaine mutha fudda. Lol.

    There's nothing glamorous about this. I never even said nor implied. Then again, glamor is for homosexuals.
  10. .....hell yes i live the life of a junky. If not me then someone else. If not them than me. Thanks for the wishes, i will kiss them with my blue lips. lol.
  11. RxHEAD

    RxHEAD Member

    I'm sorry about the 'Glamour' remark and my post all together. I do not know you or anyhting I really do not know what I thought in which I could sit back and Judge you I was wrong and I know it. I do not know which part of me thought that they had the right to sit there in that post up on some kind of pedistal and look down at anyone else, hell that is the exact thing people to to me and I am really honestly sorry I hate myselves for that post. I am not glamourous at all to say the least only I am a Homosexual part of the time and always Homophobic only a little on the mentally ill side and do want for peace to prevail and please everyone strike that remark I made of all the Glamour and all from the history. I never mean any harm to anyone.

  12. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    That's just messed up. Mexican jails sound pretty damn scary
  13. Dont get yourself down for that remark. You have every right to say that. It's called speaking your mind. You can't be fully honest without being a liar.

    It would have been a scary experience if i wasnt all smacked up.

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