Black Holes are Negative Matter

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by wooleeheron, Sep 1, 2018.

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    That's just something that occurred to me while doing a little research. Negative matter has been created in the laboratory, using solitons to invert Newton's third law of motion. For every action there is an equal reaction with negative matter, so if you push a ball of negative matter against an ordinary ball, the ordinary ball will bounce off it and fly in the opposite direction, while the negative matter one chases behind it. However, the negative matter made in the laboratory is what they call "effective" negative matter, because its composed of ordinary matter in which they simply induce the proper complexity to produce a sustainable soliton wave.

    The effective part is crucial, because that means a black acts like negative matter. Heavier objects, like another black hole, will always settle to the bottom first, by slingshotting smaller ones out and having other smaller ones produce drag by following in its gravitational wake. In other words, the closer you get to a black hole the more everything behaves like negative matter, suggesting black holes are a self-organizing system, and everything is a self-organizing system. That would likely make dark matter actually dark energy and explain why the galaxies don't obey Newtonian mechanics. Heavier objects falling faster would be an expression of yin-yang dynamics, where geometry and motion begin to exchange identities.
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    If black holes were "negative matter" then they would not be at the center of galaxies attracting dense clusters of orbiting stars. If they repelled ordinary matter then they'd be in the darkest regions of space, far from galaxy clusters.
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    sounds like hokus pokus to me.
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    Hey, wrap your heads around this,

    Space is an actual substance. All matter is anti-space. The substance of space repels anti-space. This makes it seem like matter attracts matter, what we call gravity. But there is no gravity, just space repelling anti-space. We are already INSIDE the negative, it just seems like a positive from our perspective. We have just mislabeled the polarities.
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    woah woah, slow down Einstein
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    This is why scientists can't unify gravity to their models. Gravity is a function of space, not matter.
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    *ejaculates on thread*
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    So you are saying, that scientists are just making up their formulas and calculations, also known as the "theory"? But in this case, it is wrong?

    Fascinating. :)

    I am glad I am not the only person in the world that thinks this.
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    You have to stop thinking in such limited metaphysical terms. Negative matter has been created in the laboratory, but it is composed of ordinary matter and is called negative matter because its movements or dynamics repel objects rather than attracting them. The idea I had was that the closer you get to a black hole, the more it behaves like negative matter from an outside observer's point of view, while the person inside the black hole sees nothing unusual. As you approach the event horizon, to an outside observer you come to a complete stop, utterly frozen in time. As if the black hole paradoxically represents both ordinary matter and negative matter, making its dynamics context dependent.
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    There is nothing metaphysical about matter and anti matter.
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    what about brown holes are they negative or positive followers?
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    Negative matter has never been created in the lab.

    Negative matter isnt the same thing as Negative Mass or Negative effective mass
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    After some wine, this makes no sense.

    Not that it ever does. :oops:
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    It will never make sense
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    hipforums is negative matter
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    If you don't understand what black holes are then I can't trust you.
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    Cause and effect are never metaphysical, in a paradoxical universe.
  19. wooleeheron

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    Think of it as everything being alive, and matter being just one type of lifeform, but even your thoughts have a life of their own. A table is sort of frozen energy, or life force, the magic of the collective unconscious manifesting as the innocent ego of Goldilocks enforcing that nothing can ever be too hard or too soft. So we have water and have solids and we have liquids and fires. Everybody including the electron in my big toe has a say in what the laws of physics should be and what the ego of the collective unconscious should be like. But the collective unconscious is extremely "chill" and laid back you could say, like a toddler you want to babysit more often.

    Stars and planets are merely the evolution of all the living things, with everything obeying something like Boyle's Law, but where the context and its contents exchange identities depending on the relative perspective of the observer. So we see what appears to be everything evolving and changing around us, but at the speed of light everything would remain frozen in time. Unity is also diversity and time is what makes the paradox of our existence, evolve over time, into a personal metaphor for what it means to be human. Whether something is merely a dream or a reality, living or dead, is something each must decide for themselves, for we are spirits in the material world to the greatest possible extent that science should be able to determine.
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    I got my heart set on them pink holes.
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