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Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by crystalstarr, May 22, 2004.

  1. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    it can never be wrong to be natural when you're that gorgeous! the setting is really beautiful as well! the pictures are breathtaking!
  2. Bug_Man

    Bug_Man Banned

    Did any of those rocks disappear from the river while you were sitting there?
  3. thanks everyone. yes it was taken by a photographer, with a digital camera.the pictures are part of a serious that he is making called the "goddess project" the sunlight was just awesome lighting. it was 7:00 at night. and still 80 degrees.

    did rocks dissapear as i sat there?:confused: ummmm the ones i threw in the water...
  4. i still think its sad that most of these people that replied are men

    dont ya feel like a piece of meat when theyre all oogling ya?

    on the other hand its great ya feel comfortable with yer body and ya dont hate yerself.. like others... (yes me)

    i just feel bad for ya tho... old pervs... eek
  5. abbie_hoffman

    abbie_hoffman Member

    Crystal...that picture is so free and beautiful! And you look great in it! Great job by the photographer!

    And to xdancingbarefootx, I can not speak for crystlastarr, nor do I know what she is thinking. But I was surprised by your comment. Just becasue a lot of the posters are male, that makes us old pervs, and oggling her!? WTF? The human body in its natural state is a beautiful thing (both male and female) I only saw one post (getting fired for what he did in the bathroom) that was perverted. Just my .02 Cents I guess.

    Great picture again!
  6. Tô®n

    Tô®n Member

    y0 Crystal nice pic's.. It's good to see you got a pro behind the cam now a days, though your pics were always good, even the ones from a 5 buck web cam :p ~p3@c3~
  7. 7river

    7river on a distinguished path

    why are you so bitter sister? you are trying to pass your own shit on to us. there is no need for that negative energy, we are not all pervs...maybe a few:) but personally i make sure i post replies to pictures i think need to be encouraged, appreciated. i can see a womans breasts anywhere, especially on the net. hell girls today walk around reveiling almost as much and that seems more offensive to me than a mama walking around naked...that is beautiful.

    crystals pic is art, it is pleasing to look at just like most pics posted here. they tell a story, share experience. but we live in a sick society where women are rasied to be submissive to men and need mans approval and we are all touch deprived and feel uncomfortable exposing ourselves to each other...this is not normal. crystals pic counters that. it shines of the beauty beneath the we all have.
  8. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    very sexy!!! wow!!! :eek:
  9. ya cant change my mind... its obvious... guys dont really care about anything except boobs so when they get the chance they go straight for it..

    and all i said was i feel bad for her none of ya had to say anything cuz you already did enough by jerkin off to her picture;)
  10. Jaque Imo

    Jaque Imo Up on The Lowdown

    You remind me of Liz Phair in some ways.
  11. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

  12. You are an adorable young lady. Seems you've been out enjoying life a bit more than last year.
  13. actually i was really suprised at how many women replied to this! i did not put up these pictures to excite any men or to turn them on in any way. if it did that to them oh well, or the women lol. To me my pictures capture my childlike qualities. being free, that is how i felt in them , and how i feel about them. i dont feel bad, nor to i really get the feeling that im getting jerked off to! this is not husler or playboy images.

    i questioned putting these up because either i was going to get lots of nasty replies, get told go away ugly hippy, or get posts that made me feel bad for sharing my photography sorry if it bothers people that i posted these. if skip thought they were inapproite im sure he would had told me, or deleted this thread.

    but let it be known i do not feel dirty or bad for posting these photos.

    i do not think women in black and white 60's photos from woodstock naked is sexy... i think the photographs are beautiful.. ...not so much who is in the image, but what it represents.

    ps thanks for the liz phair comment thats a new one! :)
  14. well i wish i could do that.. i wouldnt share the pic with men tho lol but i hear ya on the childlike qualities.. did look like you were havin fun ... theres no place here that i could do that at... if there was id need about a year to get in shape
  15. That's a very nice picture.

  16. Tiny dancer

    Tiny dancer Member are very very beautiful. you have a lovely smile. Thanks for sharing.
  17. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    Quote/and all i said was i feel bad for her none of ya had to say anything cuz you already did enough by jerkin off to her picture[​IMG]

    This doesn't seem like the type of pic to jerk off to, too artistic and pretty, not dirty but I guess some people would do it while looking at a picture of spaghetti.
  18. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    Have you been spying on me?
  19. poor spaghetti
  20. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    wow! i would almost here jealousy in this

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