Discussion in 'Movies' started by sharon, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. sharon

    sharon Member

    Has anybody else seen this movie?
    I enjoyed it - I just couldn't help placing my self in her position and asking my self what I'd do and what I'd believe.
    But the ending confused me: was it that the boy dug up those letters and memorised the details in them to convince her he was Sean? Is that the point? Was he just searching for somebody else he could be?
    Did Sean's lover, can't remember her name, ask him to bring the letters round to her house? Why did he go? Was he just frightened of being found out? It seemed more than that?
    And at the end, was Anna/NIcole still missing Sean or had she also been derailed by the whole situation?
    Reactions and interpretations welcome!
  2. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    I quite enjoyed it as well, and have pretty much the same questions as you about the ending...personally, i thought the ending was a very anti-climax sort of thing. Sure enough, the movie was trying to be realistic, though it completely lost it's point and the mood by the end of it.

    Honestly, I didn't like the direction of the movie, though the acting itself (especially Anna) was great! She should've been nominated for an oscar for that...
  3. sharon

    sharon Member

    Hi Jay,

    Glad to find someone as equally mystified. I think that it was a pity that it chose the realistic route as it left too many unresovled questions.
    Direction wise, I liked the fact that most of the emphasis was on people's faces and that this was how they communicated most of their thoughts and emotions. Especially Anna in the theatre scene.
    Also thought the acting was good
  4. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    Hey again Sharon,

    I agree with you about the direction as far as their emphasis on the faces. The scene in the theatre was really touching and Nicole's acting right then showing the mood change was brilliant! I still thought it was a bit too abstract and a little bit longer than it needed to be.

    I wish they explained what the boy was on about in the end. He said in the letter to Anna at the end that he was seeing a psychiatrist and that they thought he was going through some imaginary phase...but did that mean he was sick or what? don't a lot of kids go through that phase anyway - and they don't get treated...hmmm

    Lastly, another thing that annoyed me about the script was that it was...shall we say..."mean" towards Anna. You just feel so sorry for her that her late husband used to cheat on her - but what makes it worse is that she never finds out and is in an illusion herself of him forever loving her...if you catch what i mean

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