Birth Control Shortly Before The Pill.

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    It may seem appalling now. But up until uncomfortably recent times, say a couple hundred years ago or so (a mere blink of history), infanticide was the primary form of birth control. It still is practiced in some less developed countries, in fact.

    Anyways, I assume by the early 20th century, that method had largely fallen into disuse. At least in western postindustrial nations. So what did people, I'm thinking prostitutes esp., do just before the introduction of the Pill, in the 1950's?

    I must not be the only person who ever wondered this.

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    Being a history geek, it came up in my research..
    There was women who performed illegal abortions, dirty tools caused women to die. Knitting needles, were the regular tool of trade. If caught the women were put in prison or hanged.
    Babies born to prostitutes were often just put to one side, and left to die, the women were so full of disease the babies were badly effected!
    Condoms were a great development before the pill, but not for Catholics, as any form of contraception was wrong, and so large families were common!
    The 60s brought about the pill, and the decade that changed the out look on sex! Women and young unmarried mother's were still going to mother and baby homes to have iligitimate babies, that were then adopted! Some were never traced!
    The pulling out method was the most common form of contraception till the 60s.
    Some rich people had condoms that were washed, and made of some awful materials..I've some great info, i will try to find some.

    Great topic!
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    In the pre-industrial era, most families lived on farms and needed workers (children), so birth control wasn't an issue for them. In the 1940's and 50's, condoms or the "rhythm method" were the primary birth control measures, although nobody used the term "condom." In the transition era of the 1960's when the pill came along, my peers and I did not entirely trust the pill, so condoms continued to be the choice of most men, if only as backup to the new technology.
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    They used sheep skin for condoms before the time of Jesus. Man was not as ignorant as people think back then and they understood what it takes to make kids.
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    Married in Feb 1960, and first child in June 1961.

    'The Pill' first introduced in Australia in about 1963/64 I think, but only to married women with at least 3 kids. Prior to that the condom and 'Coitus Interruptus' was about the only way. The 'Rhythm Method was known but fairly UNreliable.

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