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    does anybody else find it fascinating that the first U.S experimentation with Iraqi law benefits the commercial interests of american corporations?
    Iraqi farming has operated for generation n an informal and essentially unregulated fashion. this has been made illegal under new iraqi law. a whole new chapter has been written into the laws about plant breeders protection rights. so basically any scientist can claim to have created or discovered a breed of plant and grants exclusive monopoly rights to that person. this form of intellectual property right is fast becoming the most profitable in the so called 'knowledge economy' and makes seed saving illegal, forcing farmers to purchase new seeds every season.
    this is being portrayed as reconstruction work in iraq. but it seems less about rebuilding iraqs economy and more about safeguarding the 'commercial interests of american corporations'
    even when american occupation of iraq has ended US domination over their economy will continue.
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    That is so typical it is disgusting. And all of the work rebiulding their oil industry is being given to American companies and premium rates and billed to the Iraqi gov't. And of course we'll loan you the money to pay for the work.

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