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Discussion in 'Music' started by Jetblack, May 13, 2004.

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    ok in my history class my teacher played the Billy Joel song called "we didnt start the fire" cause its about the cold war etc o well anyways onto the point ive been singing this song in my head AND out loud for like 2 days now and im listening to it rite now its like crack i need to listen to it i cant get it outa my head how the hell do i get this song outa my head i tried listening to some of my favorite bands to get it outa my head but its not working AHHHHHHHH WE DIDNT START THE FIRE IT WAS ALWAYS BURNING SINCE THE WORLD WAS TURNING WE DIDNT START THE FIRE WE DIDNT START IT BUT WE TRIED TO FIGHT IT!!!!!!! OMG AHHH HELP MEEEEEEEEEE
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    Yeh i can understand where your coming From it's a catchy Song alright..the only thing i could Suggest is Listening to another Song by Billy Joel..."Piano man" ,it's a classic!
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    Piano man is the best!
    I've always thought billy joel looked better with the shades on, its like he was born to wear them...and wear them he did.
    Piano man though, is a great song...
  4. Acid_Rain

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    i don't really like that song, i like billy joel though.....i love piano man
  5. Davino

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    Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) Lyrics

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    I've seen the lights go out on Broadway-
    I saw the Empire State laid low.
    And life went on beyond the Palisades,
    They all bought Cadillacs-
    And left there long ago.

    We held a concert out in Brooklyn-
    To watch the Island bridges blow.
    They turned our power down,
    And drove us underground-
    But we went right on with the show...

    I've seen the lights go out on Broadway-
    I saw the ruins at my feet,
    You know we almost didn't notice it-
    We'd see it all the time on Forty-Second Street.

    They burned the churches up in Harlem-
    Like in that Spanish Civil War-
    The flames were everywhere,
    But no one really cared-
    It always burned up there before....

    I've seen the lights go out on Broadway-
    I watched the mighty skyline fall.
    The boats were waiting at the Battery,
    The union went on strike-
    They never sailed at all.

    They sent a carrier out from Norfolk-
    And picked the Yankees up for free.
    They said that Queens could stay,
    They blew the Bronx away-
    And sank Manhattan out to sea....

    You know those lights were bright on Broadway-
    But that was so many years ago...
    Before we all lived here in Florida-
    Before the Mafia took over Mexico.
    There are not many who remember-
    They say a handful still survive...
    To tell the world about...
    The way the lights went out,
    And keep the memory alive....
  6. bedlam

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    fav song is "Allentown".. reminds me of home..
  7. Davino

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