Bills that say "Due upon receipt" and NOT overdue

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Lilyrayne, May 13, 2004.

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    There's a couple of bills I get every month, and where they put the due date, they put "UPON RECIEPT". They are not overdue or anything, just regular bills. Arrggh! This is one of my pet peeves, it drives me insane. It's like, Oh come on, give us some time to come up with the money to pay the dang thing! I think it bugs me so much because it makes me think of them as being super greedy and impatient. Reminds me of growing up with my mom. Everything has to be RIGHT NOW!

    They really should give an actual due date, since most people organize their bills by due date and pay the most due ones first. Well, for me, "upon reciept" bills just get put in the bottom of the pile! Cuz how are they gonna know when I got it anyway, eh? I'll pay all the other ones with an actual DUE DATE first and get to that one later.

    Does anyone else find "upon reciept" highly annoying, or end up putting them in the bottom of the pile and paying them LAST?
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    these are i think an indication that the mail room of the company that sent them or at least their collections department, has a longer lead time it takes to send them out, then it takes for payments to return to them in the mail. my guess would be the're still using an old ibm 360 from the 70s in batch mode with punched cards to compile their billing information and print it up and send them out. ok, maybe not THAT primative, but there are almost certainly manigerial diseconomies of excessive scale/over centralization, somewhere along the line in their workflow, and probably in their corporate phylosophy as well
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    I would act exactly the same way!! I hate it if people don't give me the exact things to do and then if I don't do it right they yell at me. I love being creative and I love it if someone says: do what you want to do with it, I trust you! But for example at school if they want us to make a report on let's say hippies, you put all your time in it and in the end you get a B or C because the teacher thinks it was too short or too long or too much information or not enough...though he only said: make a report on hippies, it's due friday or something like that!
    Oh well, I'm probably going too far w/that! Sorry :)
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    Who sends you these kinds of bills?

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