Bill O'Reilly on Marijuana / It's Just a Plant

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by texasmade3, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. texasmade3

    texasmade3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  2. jimaug87

    jimaug87 Member

    fuck bill o reily. the author kept trying to talk and explain his position, and bill kept on shutting him down. The author's position was more difficult to explain being he is for something that is illegal now. Bill's position is easy to defend, and I think he took advantage of that.
  3. texasmade3

    texasmade3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  4. Bud_Man

    Bud_Man Member

    I posted this a month ago, too lazy to look up the post.
  5. That's an awsome book :)
  6. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    i for one do not like that idea. it is a matter of will it bring more harm than help. of course than i have not read it and have only herd it form a "foxes POV"
  7. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    Yeah, this used to be a thread. But neway, O'Reilly is not just a douchebag...he is the BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG in the world. I hate him wit a passion...almost as much as i hate nazis
  8. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    ....i'd suck a nazi's dick before i'd piss on bill o'reilly to put out a fire....
  9. O'Reilly is more like a caricature than an actual person. I guess that's what happens when you become a corporate puppet. I wonder how much individuality he still has left in private.

    Or do you actually think he now actually believes all the things he says? That's an entire debate itself.
  10. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    BIll can go fuck a razor blade.
  11. I think bill is a douche bag too.

    thats wrong about that whole show, he totally shut down that guys point and implemented his bias against weed by constantly changing the subject. that isnt right.
  12. ripple

    ripple Member

    I really curious what Bills book for kids is like
  13. texasmade3

    texasmade3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    ^ me too.. im going to have to check it out and see
  14. CrazedPotHead

    CrazedPotHead Member

    what a douchebag i wanna kick him in the nuts
  15. Kieth olbermann Owns him, Bills only argument is to dissagree and if they dont come up with a conclusion, he insults the other one.
    Olbermann has asked him to debate countless times and he has turned it down because hes a pusssy

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