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Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by mamaluv, May 29, 2004.

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    i have a bulging disc and slipping disc in my back that ive had for 2 years and went to bikram for a while, but had to stop cuz i couldnt find rides anymore, anyway at first it seemed to be helping somewhat ( i did it for 2.5 months) but then it seemed to make me hurt worse, i think i was just pushing myself to hard. but im wondeirn if anyone has any words about doing this longterm??

    i do have to say that despite my injury it made me sooo much more flexible
  2. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    Well, there are yoga sessions which could include or exclude any part of the body to either strengthen or avoid any group of muscles. In Iyengar's "Light on Yoga" are many various routines. Otherwise, just simple and slow stretching without effort or striving in a very warm setting is the best thing you can do, with hot and cold baths to relieve swelling and pressure and pain. I really like clinical kinesiologists for helping with tendon and bone issues. I whacked my spine out of place once really badly and one fixed me right up within a few weeks. Is this the sort of advice you were looking for? I'm not quite sure. Take Care :)
  3. mamaluv

    mamaluv Member

    that does help,thanks, im also looking for any other alternative thereapysthatmigh help, because i found out yesterday this isgoing to affect me for the rest of my life and im only bout to be 25, thats along time to deal w/ all this pain!!

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