Big time Dammer here.

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Griffster, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    been doing the dam for years now(hope to move out there soon).
    Im from England and Im going on my next trip on the 8th of april for 4 days.
    Im going with 2 mates from scotland and I must be off my head but this time Im taking my gf???????????.Im brand new to the forum so say the puff love the drink love the crac.LOVE THE DAM.anyone going out the same time drop me a line.
  2. velvet

    velvet Banned

    I hope you love the rest of Amsterdam as well ;)


    And there's nothing wrong with your head for bringing your gf, especially if you're planning 'to move out there soon'.. :p


    Hello Griffster
    I'm sort of in the same boat as you, been many times and continuing, I'm from the UK as well and also looking to find work and move there.
    Best of luck in your pursuits.
  4. jennifericous

    jennifericous Member

    good luck findin a place to live in amsterdam. it is basically impossible. i went to live and work there last may. didn't work out too well. we had a blast, and got jobs in a cafe but couldn't find anywhere too live, staying in hostels was working out too expensive and there are no long term campsites in amsterdam. so we moved to Haarlem for a while and then to Leiden, which i am returning to next year to do a postgrad. i recommend living in holland but outside amsterdam. my experience has been that these places have all the good things that the dam has too offer, without any of the downsides!
  5. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Hi Velvet.
    The problem is she doesnt know that Im going to move yet!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Are you dutch?could do with some advice on a few things?
  6. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Hi there mate.
    Iv been going for about 10 years now.just cant get the place out of my head.Works not a problem for me as I work in networks and comms(big turn around in IT based jobs in the Nederlands)its finding a gaff that is the problem.its more expensive than London!!!!!and thats saying somthing.when you going next?
  7. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Its a nightmare Jen.Iv looked at a few places but they are wanting stupid rent like 1500 to 2000 euros a MONTH.endhoven is not much better as Iv looked there to.It needs to be in the Dam area cuz Im a mad Ajax fan.
  8. moondance

    moondance Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter



    Alright Grifffster
    I'm going again on Feb 9th for 4 nights. Like you, getting work is'nt too much of a problem but the rent there is ludicrous. Will probably have to find somewhere out of the city and commute in to start with, but once there other opportunities will sure to crop up.
    Fingers crossed.
  10. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Hey Nem.
    Thats the way I think Im going to have to do it,with the prices so high anybody would think you were after a 5 million pound penthouse in Chelsea not a small Pad in Amsterdam.wish I was going in feb,got 3 months to wait til its DAM time again.
  11. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    Hey Grifster,

    where does one inquire about IT jobs in the Netherlands?

  12. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Theres loads of sites on the net mate.try kellys technical services(google search it add amsterdam on the end)

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