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Discussion in 'Christianity' started by It Has Been Said, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Lately, I have been really drawn to reading about Jesus..I have now read just about all the books of the Apostles..and the one story that sticks out for me the most is about the night of his last meal, before he was put to death, when he ate with the 12 apostles.
    It is when he washed all of thier feet..even the apostle that decieved him..doing it as a service to them for all of the great work that they had done for him and also showing how humble he was..even if you don't believe in the bible it is really a cool teaching in how to be.
  2. FreakerSoup

    FreakerSoup Stranger

    Indeed. I wish more people could see it that way.

    Or that all that other stuff wasn't in there. If the bible was just the story of Jesus as a model of how to act as a human being, it would be a great book, but I doubt it would have much of a following.
  3. another that I though was really cool is the creation or the first man and woman which is at the very beginning of the bible.

    God took some dust from the ground and formed Adams perfect body. Then he blew in to his nose and Adam came to life.
    God had a job for Adam to do and that was to name all of the different animals. After observing the animals for awhile trying to give each animal the best name Adam noticed something, it was that all the animals had mates.
    Then God put Adam into a deep sleep and took a rib from him and made a woman, Eve and she became his wife.
  4. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    yeah man.

    we know.
  5. Care to share something you know from the worlds most printed book that is in 1000 different languages.
  6. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    not particularly.
  7. Hryhorii

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    I like the story of the temple cleansing. It is probably the only instance in which Jesus freaks out. Even though it is found in all 4 canonical gospels, it isn't used in the common lectionary...
  8. FinnishButterfly

    FinnishButterfly JennyJelly

    You should read revelation, that's the best chapter. :-D
  9. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    ew ew ew ew ew.
  10. xexon

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    The washing of feet is well known in places like India where feet have great religious symbolism.

    To wash or bow at the feet is a sign of great respect for that person. It also suggests that Jesus was a yogi trained in the east as I've always stated.

  11. xexon

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    Shall I tell you the meaning of this symbolism?

    Adam is representative of the first creation by "God".

    A soul, which is just like a cup of water from the ocean of God. Its the same substance, but limited by it's form.

    Animals having mates is symbolic of the dual nature of things created by the soul. Because the mind it uses cannot do otherwise. Its dualistic by it's design.

    Eve represents the discovery of this soul's abilty to create. The world is Eve. It is the soul's mate, created to amuse the soul. It too, is of the same substance as the soul which created it. In this case, a symbolic rib.

    The Garden of Eden is the event which the first soul discovers it's power of creation. It becomes so involved in creation of the world, it lost sight of where it originally came from. The "fall" from heaven.

  12. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    Thanks for your interpretation. I'm not sure that I agree entirely with it, but it's plausible, and the way I think these Bible stories should be approached--as symbolism and metaphor, getting us to think about ultimate realities. I'm glad you didn't say that the story was literal truth. Does anybody think that's how God actually went about it? I guess fundamentalists might, but it's really hard for me to relate to that point of view, which among other things, misses the whole point.
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    revelation is a book, and a book that barely made it into canon at that.
  14. FinnishButterfly

    FinnishButterfly JennyJelly

    Yeah well obviously some people are proof that "Man" was God's first roughdraft.
  15. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    God wouldn't need a roughdraft.
  16. I think another really crazy story in the Bible is when there were Giants on earth and their father were angels in heaven..they started listening to satan and they came to earth, made human bodies for themselves..the angels saw all of these pretty girls on earth and wanted to live with them. Their babies turned into giants and they were bad and they would hurt people. They were forcing everyone to be bad like them..

    I love the simplicity of these stories. Then after this happened on earth..Here comes the flood..break out your surfboards.
  17. xexon

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  18. neodude1212

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    It is all about twat man.
  19. Nikalaus

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    I wish the said Christians would actually pause and really look at this just a lil bit closer.

    This is what makes the WHOLE thing make sense to me. Jesus actually freaked out. And lookie Lookie what is the one thing that he did freak out over...


    The Principle weapon of control that enslaves all of humanity on a perptual treadmill of useless pursuits.

    We are programmed to believe that the process is work=make money=get stuff=be happy. When in reality it should be work=food+shelter=happy. MEaning the only work humans really NEED to do is feed themsleves and get a roof over there head. The rest is pure brainwash and unnecessary.

    That is my take on the cleansing of the temple.

    Tisk tisk tisk. Hapiness isnt an external process. it's all within.
  20. Nikalaus

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    Revelation as well know is symbolism...

    In my opinion, is all about corrupt government offices, wars, tanks bombs, diseases, natural disasters.

    For example the mark of the beast... come on we all know that's the RFID chips...?? I could really be wrong but let's face it never in 2000 years has any other credit "system" been readily available that could be literally implanted in the forhead or hand until now. The RFIDs certainly sound like an accurate description to me.

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