Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by Ktay76, May 3, 2013.

  1. Ktay76

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    Looking for a female friend to have fun with in and out of the bedroom. I'm a happily married 37 year old woman who has had bi sexual experiences in the past. My husband is now on board with it but has no desire to participate. It's very hard to find someone to be friends with when you are so busy and need to remain discreet. Any suggestions??? Please!
  2. Victoria1987

    Victoria1987 Member

    Do you have any single lesbian or bisexual female friends? If so, then that's probably the best way to go. I'm not sure how you'd approach them with that, though.
  3. Ktay76

    Ktay76 Guest

    Unfortunately no. Plus, my family and friends don't know. I was trying to do it discreetly.
  4. Victoria1987

    Victoria1987 Member

    That might make it difficult. There are plenty of sites online where you can meet people for sex, and I'm sure that your situation with a willing husband would make a lot of bisexual women jump at the offer on one of those sites. Even if he doesn't want to participate. I know a few bisexual and lesbian women who have turned down chances to have sex with married women because their husbands didn't know and they didn't want to participate in cheating. The fact that your husband is on board with the idea should make it a lot easier.

    Just avoid some of the seedier sites or Craigslist. Craigslist is great for a lot of things, but it can't possibly be good for finding sex. I don't know any good sites for this, because I've never used any, but I've heard some great things about the internet adult dating thing. It shouldn't be too hard to find a good site. Just do some research on them beforehand, and don't join any that require you to pay to join. There's a lot of free ones.
  5. SweetPea13

    SweetPea13 Guest

    Where do you live?

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