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    I'm confused... Help! I think I have a major crush on one of my girlfriends. (I might even be in love with her..)
    I've always joked around with other women and have even kissed a few but last weekend, we were drinking and fooling around and she slipped me the tongue. It felt so good and I really enjoyed it. I can't stop thinking of it!
    I have never felt this way about another woman.
    I always been curious but most of my bi or gay friends who have approached me would have been out of the question. I just wasn't as attracted to them. I thought that I would never think of going down on a woman but with her, I think I would.
    What if she rejects me? What if it was a big joke?
    I've only ever felt this way about a guy. My feelings are all messed up!
  2. mushie18

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    try kissing her again..?
  3. gertie

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    time and trusting yourself. always trust what is inside of you.
  4. Ocean Byrd

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    Follow your heart... question it, but don't find reason to be put off by it.
  5. toolmaggot

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    Talk to her about it. You may think "Dude, nooo no way".. but do it.

    I had (still somewhat do) have feelings for my friend.. we got drunk one night.. messed around. Talked about it the next day. It scared the shit out of me, I thought she would never want to speak to me again.. It's no different.

    We got drunk again, with another girl, and messed around AGAIN. She's no different towards me than she ever was. If anything, we're a lot closer than we were before the incidents. She's even talked to me about her being bicurious, and enjoying the experience.

    So talk to her about it. If she's brazen enough to make out with you, then she's a good friend. I highly doubt there will be any form of rejection.
  6. SageDreamer

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    Talk to her. That's the only way through it.

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