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  1. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Has anyone ever read the Bhavagad-Gita? I have it at home but I've never read it? Is it worth it?
  2. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    It is one of the books that i turn to for many years.Each time i read it i learn something new.Hope you will like it too.
  3. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Thank you. I'm sure I will enjoy it. What do you think of George Harrison? he has some good lyrics. i also have this book called Where There is Light. I forget how to spell the man's name who wrote it.
  4. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    What is it?
  5. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    The bhavagad-Gita is the gospel of Hinduism
  6. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    I love all of georges works.Ihave alot of his records and one of my favs is when he does hindu chant with ravi shankar.
  7. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    Pritam, I used the exact same pic as the basis for the carving in my fore arm, like, I like the shape of that particular Om. Good read.
  8. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Yes I love George Harrison....I love that chant too...I have this thing that I ordered off the internet that has all George's stuff and it was 120 dollars but it was definitely worth it!
  9. paintedjames

    paintedjames Member

    yes the Gita is one of the most valuable and beautifully written works of all time, i suggest the Paramahansa Yoganada version (of the Self Realization Fellowship), as this man has quite a knack for understanding and explaining things of this nature...
  10. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    yes! that is the man whos work is compiled in the book called...Where is the Light. Its a very wonderful book...I recommend it for everyone!
  11. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    Yogananda version is one of the best that i have found too.The cost is high for the two volunes but well woth it.You might find copies of it at the library.I just get somthing new out of that version that seems to fit for me that day.Hey SISTAH We-All-Shine On glad you like the OM Pic.Hve that one tatooed on me.I just love for what it stands for.
  12. NightOwl1331

    NightOwl1331 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The Bhagavad Gita is actually part of the epic, the Mahabharata. The Gita is one of the most beautiful texts I have ever read.
  13. Lotusfaery8

    Lotusfaery8 Member

    I first read the bhavagad-gita about a year ago and it opened me up to a whole new thing. I don't think I would have talked to some of the most amazing people I have met, or been able to teach some of the things I have if it wasn't for reading that. I hope you read it and take all it is offering.

  14. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    The Gita is good. I have an old copy put out by Mentor books, $.95 cents! Can you believe it! It was translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood with an intro by Aldous Huxley.
    The Gita teaches Non-Attachment.

    Read it.
  15. gmdukes

    gmdukes Banned

    The gita is not hindu scripture or gospel, it is only one part of it. It is the truth as spoken to Arjuna by Lord Krsna. Hindus might believe in what the gita has to say, but they are not correct in their interpretation of the Words. They are a confused organization just like every other religion, especially Christianity.
  16. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    No matter what ones veiw might be and it is great to see all the angles one sees from the book it still has moved millions on there search for truth.
  17. gmdukes

    gmdukes Banned

    Im not saying anybody is wrong (besides Christians) Im just saying that it is not written for hindus it is written for hare krsnas (according to krsna)
  18. Dalee

    Dalee Member

    VERY good read.

    I read it once, and although I gained so much from it, its one of those texts that I realize I will have to read PLENTY more times to even touch upon it.
  19. Im reading it right now. Im only on chapter 4 but Im definitley enjoying it.
  20. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    I just bought it and am planning on reading it soon and then I'll tell you what I think of it.

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