BF took dump in front of me

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by torino, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. torino

    torino Guest

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

    This happened a couple of months ago. I since broke up with him over another issue, but this has been bothering me.

    We had recently had sex for the first time (my first time having sex, period). We were hanging out in the bed of my truck in the middle of the woods. He suddenly announced he had to go, jumped down from the tailgate, pulled his pants down and took a dump right there.

    When I realized what he was doing, I walked to the other side of the truck. He finished up, and came over to me all awkward apologizing to me. It was never brought up again.

    Any idea what he was thinking???

  2. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    he might of wanted the toilet
  3. torino

    torino Guest

    Uh, we were in the WOODS. Go behind a tree. Go behind a rock. And it's not like he didn't usually do that.
  4. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    oh most awfully sorry,why do you think he did it?
  5. torino

    torino Guest

    I don't know. I could have been nothing to do with sex. But he could get very kinky, that's why it dawned on me it might be sex-related since it was so weird of him to do that and we had just had sex for the first time. Since I'm not very experienced in any of this, I was hoping someone here would have ideas.
  6. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    you dont shit in front of your girlfriend after sex for the first time, but there again he may of been kinky that way!
  7. torino

    torino Guest


    I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find he was!
  8. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    well it does take alsorts, i would of thought he would of wanted to cuddle you and hold you tight
  9. torino

    torino Guest

    ...and not gross me out. Let's see if anyone else here has any ideas.

    Thanks for your input, tho, Wobs.
  10. NikeGirl

    NikeGirl Member

    Having your first time sex is a very big deal. He can't help it if he suddenly has to shit, but he could have handled it in a more thoughtful manner.
  11. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  12. torino

    torino Guest

    Okay to clarify:

    1. We were not having sex right then. But we had recently done it for the first time.

    2. It was discussed where he should "go". I even pointed out numerous trees/shrubs/etc he could use. He instead chose to do it right there, only feet from me and my truck, and then got all awkward and worried when he figured out I didn't appreciate it.
  13. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    What's even more hilarious about this thread is that it would stick out in your mind after the break up. But...on second thought, it would stick out in my mind too! :D

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    I just Checked Out Your Post History, And It Appears This

    Thread Is Your First On Hip Forums, All I Can Say Is..........

    Thank You For Such A Positive Contribution To Our Web Site...:(

    Cheers Glen.
  15. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    "you dont shit in front of your girlfriend after sex for the first time, "

    Pretty dumb!
    Aside from good manners.
    You never shit where you might be walking........

    Obviously he doesn't get basics?
  16. torino

    torino Guest

    @ Glen: I'm asking a relationship question on a love and sex forum... issue?

    Otherwise, okay, I get the idea. Apparently it's pretty off the wall and nobody seems to be able to come up with a possible reason for his doing this (I was just wondering if anyone experienced in sex and relationships knew something I don't). So that in itself is an answer to my question. Thanks to everyone who answered.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    Has The Thought Occured To You To Ask Him...[​IMG].???

    Cheers Glen.
  18. Was he like, really really drunk?
  19. Mike Suicide

    Mike Suicide Sweet and Tender Hooligan

    I guess thats better then taking a dump on you.
  20. ^^I'm surprised it took that long for someone to say that!

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