better be alone than have bad company?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Penny, May 1, 2007.

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    high friends in low palces and low friends in high places might be useful to have, but i've always felt safer the fewer people have the slightest idea i exist. this isn't entirely true in all contexts of course. there are times when the only safety, such as it is, would be to be widely known and popular, but risky friends arn't likely to get you that either, at least not nature's random assortment of them. whichever show up first.

    maybe i get that from my mom who has always been paranoid of everybody. my dad was the outgoing one. they both got by, but my dad kicked off from what i consder complications of stress more then 15 years ago, not much past the age i'm rapidly approaching, while my mom, who'se in her late 80s, is still going strong.

    that probably doesn't indicate anything either, other then why it's in my nature to prefer avoiding the risk of hassle to whatever possible bennifit there might be in taking that risk.

  3. Penny

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    that's true, and pretty sad...
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    Alone. I hate wasting my alone time on people who's company I do not enjoy.

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