Best Ways to smooth pixelated images

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by guerillabedlam, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. guerillabedlam

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    What are some of the best ways to smooth pixelated images with Image Editing software and/or code?

    I notice after resizing images, they'll often become pixelated at a certain point or even simply transferring images from one platform to another can cause this.

    I have GIMP, are there any specific functions or concepts that might be present in it or Photoshop? I could probably do it in code via javascript also but I have a very elementary understanding of Canvas(Raster) graphics and SVG and I figure it's probably easier with the Image Editing software.
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    Pixilation, or the jaggies or anti-aliasing, is an artifact of our monitors and TVs being too low a resolution and, unless you have a 4k display, you have to tweak the image to make it look better at lower resolutions. The best anti-aliasing is screen-space or SSAA, but there are countless other types of AA including new AI programs that can be used with something like the newest Nvidia graphics cards, and cloud based programs. The list is too extensive, and I have neither expert knowledge of the subject nor any real idea of what kind of help you want, but anti-aliasing is what I believe you need and should be easy to apply. For serious pixilation due to a low resolution imagine, Google as well as Nvidia have programs that can do amazing things. They can even use an AI to animate your body with the motions of a professional dancer or whatever, and make a reasonable picture out of the most blurry mess you ever saw.

    If I were into photography or video, the newest RTX 2080 is amazing, but overpriced.
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    Go to filter --> blur image.

    haha I make myself laugh.
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    Maybe if I set blur image to a negative value it'll have like a double negative type effect.
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    It would be best to resize the image to a higher resolution first, then apply blur or smoothing filters. Assuming it is pixelated due to low resolution.

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