best way to get seeds (usa)

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding and Seed Strains' started by 311x, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. 311x

    311x Member

    well my friend wants to grow really bad save money and stuff... we have everything down but we cant find seeds? weve tried seeds from buds we have gotten but they are all dried out? any ideas?
  2. lune

    lune Senior Member

    Theres already mad threads on this, do some reading... half the thread in this forum are this question...
  3. 311x

    311x Member

    you cant oder seeds to usa though...right? wouldnt customs stop them?
  4. how far are you from canada? do you have a passport?
  5. 311x

    311x Member

    chicago..kinda far?
  6. SatanHam

    SatanHam Member

    ur saying they ship to canada?
  7. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    attitude seed bank is VERY good, and ships quickly. however, i dont think any companies will ship seeds stateside
  8. Nirvana seeds. Ships to the usa and everything.
  9. braindecay

    braindecay Member

    nirvana always comes through.
    and they come in cute bags. LOL

    customs doesnt matter anyway if they catch your beans they take them out and replace them with a letter saying that somebody attempted to mail you illegal contriband and that it was confiscated. forward letter to company, company replaces beans
  10. lune

    lune Senior Member

    All of the sites I listed deliver to the US... along with they are the best on the net.
  11. lets remember to not get seeds ordered to the growsite
  12. samson_hp

    samson_hp Member

    boutique and attitude
  13. bubbler211

    bubbler211 Member

  14. 420biz

    420biz Banned sells Cash Crop Ken seeds, which won the local Toker's Bowl award last year as best strain for 'Nuken', it's a cross between God Bud and Kish and bezerker strong

    if you want the shorter 3-4ft variety, you could get 'Purple Nukush' which is Nuken crossed with Purple Kush, probably the most potent bud in the world
  15. SamKush

    SamKush Member

    You can also add in the list of seedbanks that deliver in the US mj seeds canada. I am from North Am so I know. )
  16. m4rco

    m4rco Guest

    surfing the net I found this site semi di cannabis at very good prices and ship worldwide. Good site, I ordered seeds, and all ok.
  17. SamKush

    SamKush Member

    mj seeds canada deliver to US too. So no excuse not having a source to get your seeds from. But your State laws you have to consider too.

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