Best way to conceal scent without being TOO obvious.

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by gratefulvegan, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Spoof it...I just use a paper-towel roll, stick like 5 of those dry cleaner sheets in it and you're ready to rock...some people tell you some complext instructions...but it's as simple as that...just try to crumble them up so that they take up more surface area...

    Now, once you've finished the smoking process, the best way to eliminte it on your body is to literally take one of these cleaner sheets (get a seperate one) and rub it on your clothes / through your hair etc. If you have mouth wash nearby that would be optimal as the scent tends to cling around your neck/nose/mouth/hair- all of which can be eliminated with this method. Spraying with any scented deoderant is too obvious- this just smells like you took the shirt out of the cleaner, natural and subtle.

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    I never found the scent to cling like other things you smoke do. And to kill odor in your mouth, just start eating some Doritos or something. Easy.
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    Or gum that works too.

    Smoking outside on a windy day is a good way to not smell too. Smoke outside, chew some gum, wipe your self down real quick with a dryer sheet, use some visine, and your set.

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