Best things you've had a partner say

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by dark_river, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. g65389pon

    g65389pon Members

    No sexual but this was great for my ego! We’re in our early 50’s now, one day I Her she would find someone else and she replied “no, you are my Tom, no one can replace you”. Scary part is I think she meant it.
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  2. Sarcasm107

    Sarcasm107 Members

    Very first time hooking up with my now wife, I'm about to go down on her and she says don't chip a tooth, and that's when I found out she has her clit pierced. She's a dentist, so I think she was actually concerned I might chip a tooth haha
  3. Ydnar

    Ydnar Members

    My first wife in our early years once said "I want to stuff all of you inside me".
  4. Ydnar

    Ydnar Members

    Just had a good one from my current wife. My friend and I were both doing oral on her and she said "One of you needs to fuck me".
  5. Friendly10

    Friendly10 Members

    The ex said you're only to Cum in my mouth for now on. Cum anywhere else is a waste.....
    I went to one of them ranch get away vacations an a sexy cow girl ask me if I liked butt sex.
    I said yes later I fucked her ass...
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  6. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    "I'd love to see my cock up against your beautiful face"
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  7. BoyofWonder

    BoyofWonder Members

    Couple of days ago the gf had her hands tied behind her back and the blindfold on. She wanted me to use her dildo and wand on her until she came and then she wanted to suck me before having me fuck her from behind. We went upstairs and I tied the hands back, blindfold on and got her tits out, put my cock in her mouth and she sucked for a few minutes before taking it out and saying
    “Don’t use all my mouth up this early”

    From the girl who is very shy and has only recently began wanting to try new really turned me on!!
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  8. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member HipForums Supporter

    while being fucked by a 17 year old ..."god you are so fucking hot"......

    does wonders for the ego!....hehe

    simon :)
  9. erofant

    erofant Members

    A couple things: "Are you gonna cum for me? I want you to cum."
    "Don't waste it - cum in my mouth."
    "I want you to fuck me with that cock."
    After a very extended period of time one night - "Boy, you sure can fuck."
    After getting a great blowjob from a long-time neighbor girl who moved away - "I wanted to do that for soooo long."

    One I'd love to hear - " I want you to gently slide it into my ass now." Now I have chills thinking about that one!
  10. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    I love anytime she agrees to try something new or kinky sexually
  11. Mysteron

    Mysteron Members

    "Will you marry me" Yes she proposed to me and I accepted. That was about twenty years ago.
  12. Eh Nn

    Eh Nn Members

    That you're beautiful.
  13. Nikki Lynn

    Nikki Lynn Members

  14. .outlaw.

    .outlaw. Members

    Oh no, put your cash away, this ones on me
  15. Jayjangle

    Jayjangle Guest

    "I really love you dick."
    "Give me a few seconds; I came too much."
  16. Nikki Lynn

    Nikki Lynn Members

    You are better than my wife.
  17. Joboo6

    Joboo6 Members

    It was FWB, I was 20. It was something like “ there is no one I would rather fuck than you.”
    I shared her with a friend once and after he told me she said “yours is bigger but his is way better.”
    When I mentioned what he said later she told me when she first saw his dick she remarked about how big it was and he said bigger than Joe's? She said yes and then she said he got real cocky but came in about a minute.
  18. Jennie Mink

    Jennie Mink Members

    "I could lie here, just licking you out, all night long."
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  19. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    I agree! Eating pussy is the bomb! I could do it all day and all night too!
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  20. NubbinsUp

    NubbinsUp Members

    Same for me, and I'm very small in the male-parts department. It's best when it isn't reassuring in a way that may be fake, but rather an acknowledgement that it's small and is nonetheless pleasing, favorite: "I love your little dick."

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