Best things you've had a partner say

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by dark_river, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    I should add that before starting to lick, I make sure to kiss, lick and suck on her breasts to get her turned on, then start kissing my way down her body before I start licking her pussy. It's the best to hear her moaning and look up and see her smiling as I'm licking her, because I know she is enjoying it. And women's bodies are so beautiful that I love kissing and licking them. And I love licking her and making her cum as much as she wants until she's ready to have sex.
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  2. Kirstie

    Kirstie Members

    "Omg you're like a bitch in heat! was never this good with my wife."

    That was when I was 22 the first time I had sex with this 45y/o married dude during his 3rd round he lasted for freakin ages...
  3. Thisisrandom36

    Thisisrandom36 Members

    “Cum in my mouth”
  4. Nikki Lynn

    Nikki Lynn Members

    ''Wow, you are better than my wife, wish she would do the things you let me do with you. ''
  5. MayEye

    MayEye Members

    Remember the animated movie "Ice Age". The sabre tooth tiger has a line after they are finished with a wild ride on an ice slide. He says "Who's up for round two!" My husband used that line after a particularly wild ride. It was both hilarious and sexy at the same time.
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  6. SweetnSassy

    SweetnSassy Members

    “I could kiss you all night, your lips are delicious “:blush:
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  7. erofant

    erofant Members

    I've had a couple women in my life say, "Wow, you kiss really great!" It led to other things in all instances.
  8. dbiggs

    dbiggs Guest

    A woman once told me “please don’t give away that tongue”, while I was eating her pussy.
    She wanted it all to herself.
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  9. sandybrooke

    sandybrooke Members

    My gf had multiple orgasms and lay in bed panting said "will you marry me?" Been together 30 years.
  10. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    "You give better head that my best girlfriend ever did, I have never come so good in my life." My wife is a woman by the way.
  11. joker69

    joker69 Members

    Ooh my god I have never had anyone do that to me before:kissingclosed:
  12. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    My wife telling me that my size was perfect for anything we wanted to try sexually together.
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  13. Sparky Paul

    Sparky Paul Member

    "You're such a great lover"...from a girlfriend years ago as we were discovering each other...The other time was after getting this girl off orally (I was the first person to ever go down on her) she panted a very sultry "Thank you"
  14. Cmdr76

    Cmdr76 Members

    “You feel fucking huge!!” That kept me on a high for days lol
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  15. lapush

    lapush Members

    Come with me.
  16. GypsyHolly83

    GypsyHolly83 Members

    Anything with the word "Daddy" gets me going..

    "Ride Daddy's dick" in a whisper gets me going pretty hard
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  17. helen-seattle

    helen-seattle Members

    Me too I admit the first time I heard the word "Daddy" while I was being fucked I came immediately and so intensely
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  18. GypsyHolly83

    GypsyHolly83 Members

    Yes it gets me going in ways I can't even explain..
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  19. dave-omg69

    dave-omg69 Members

    The words "Cum for Mommy" make me cum in ways I can't explain.
    My girlfriend teased me with those words once when she found out I used to secretly sniff moms panties from the hamper and I exploded all over her immediately!
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  20. lapush

    lapush Members

    She told me that she wanted something to remember me by after I told her I was going overseas.
    Never saw her again and was not sure what she meant.

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