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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by butterfly, May 25, 2004.

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    So yeah I had a dream where my best friend and her boyfriend decided to get married, so the next day they did, only it was a really shit wedding, in this really shitty place near us, it was sort of video game interactive, if that makes any sense?! I think they were doing it because she's leaving to go to university in a few months and he's really upset... (I had a dream a few months ago that she was pregnant).

    Also at one point I was driving a champagne coloured porcshe, round a really thin, bendy bit of road, but I slowed down enough not to crash (I crashed going round a bend to fast a little while back in real life). At the end the wheels on one side of the road came off the ground, but it was really exhilarating. And when I came out of the twisty bit I was driving on a (outdoor) train station platform, and I realised I was being chased. I had to use the car to block the road and somehow I got away, but I think the car got smashed up.

    And at another point I'd already gotten a tattoo, but I was speaking to this guy I know/like and I asked him to "sign" me, then when he started, I realised he was signing his name on me in tattoo ink, so I stopped him saying something along the lines of "I like you, but I don't like you that much!", and I tried to wipe it off (which half worked).

    Fucking wierd I know! Does anyone have a clue what any of it might mean?!

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