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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by lnghaird_cntryB0Y, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. yeah, so i ate that hit last wednesday. whew what a ride. This was some clean shit, the one kid who's tripped a lot kept saying "its so clean". Unfortunately, it didn't have much of a spiritual aspect - this kid is pretty crazy and we laughed for a good 4 hours strait. My diaphragm still aches. Compared to mushrooms, it was way better. rather than having a seperate mind trip and visual trip it was all one flowing process. wow. thanks for all your advice. so my question is this. during the trip, i noticed a heavy load in the left side of my body especially around the heart. I took it as it was - conciousness being caried with my blood stream. But the next day, I (stupidly) did some coke. i don't know why, but it was right in front of me. Since then, my heart seems to sort of ache and pound and the whole left side of me feels just a little more full. i'lll get little aches and pains on my left arm or leg.... do u think that its just residual from the acid, and im just more aware of my body or do you think its the coke and i should have it checked out. maybe its nothing - but wej're planning on dropping another dose tonight and i don't wanna sketch out about it. anything to ease my mind would help. And finally, if i do have some minorheart palpatations, is there any way that acid could actually make it worse? any help would be great.
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    You're gonna die...

    Hah, j/k. I know that lsd cannot hurt you physically in any way, but if you have a serious heart condition and you get very worked up during an intense trip, then there's always the chance that you could have problems. Not to mention the whole "thinking about it too much" thing that will surely freak you out. I'd say better safe than sorry if you're not sure. Nobody wants a bad trip.

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