Best cars for shagging in

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phil1965, Oct 1, 2020.

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    True about the displacement. But it would fire like!
    Edit: (I guess it would fire like a 650 all at once instead of a 325 twice!)

    I'm too old to have ridden those bikes with all that suspension travel.
    If you remember Evil Knievel had a tough time jumping various things....those old Harley's just didn't have the suspension. Now the record is around 250 feet long. Over 55 feet separately for height!
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  2. Evil Knievel ... I thought I was pretty crazy, we measured a jump I did pre-teen at fifty feet. Sure felt long at the time, and took s while to work up to. But then again, I never broke a bone and really wanted to avoid that!

    I have a 650 single. The power strokes are visible in the tracks it leaves when delivering power at lower RPM.

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    Suzuki Jimny
    Drop those back seats forward, and the front seats back.
    As well as being roomy, the curvature designe allows creativity and comfortability ... well it did for me

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