Best cars for shagging in

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phil1965, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. MeAgain

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    True about the displacement. But it would fire like!
    Edit: (I guess it would fire like a 650 all at once instead of a 325 twice!)

    I'm too old to have ridden those bikes with all that suspension travel.
    If you remember Evil Knievel had a tough time jumping various things....those old Harley's just didn't have the suspension. Now the record is around 250 feet long. Over 55 feet separately for height!
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  2. TrudginAcrossTheTundra

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    Evil Knievel ... I thought I was pretty crazy, we measured a jump I did pre-teen at fifty feet. Sure felt long at the time, and took s while to work up to. But then again, I never broke a bone and really wanted to avoid that!

    I have a 650 single. The power strokes are visible in the tracks it leaves when delivering power at lower RPM.

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    Suzuki Jimny
    Drop those back seats forward, and the front seats back.
    As well as being roomy, the curvature designe allows creativity and comfortability ... well it did for me
  4. chip92

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    Ford ka
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  5. ~Zen~

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    For midgets! LOL!
  6. any car is good iff you no how to do it ,tho the man may need some knee pads :rolleyes:
  7. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    My old Plymouth worked great when my wife and I were dating. Front and back seats were roomy.
  8. granite45

    granite45 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    52 Chevy worked just fine for the two of us. The bench front seat was amazing….course just about any vehicle or bench for that matter worked when the time was right!
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  9. soulpoker

    soulpoker Members

    Now that you mention it, hardly any cars, or even trucks, come with a bench seat anymore. And today's back seats are usually ideal for no more than kids or groceries. And station wagons are as rare as hen's teeth. What gives? Is there some kind of antisexual conspiracy? LOL
  10. TrudginAcrossTheTundra

    TrudginAcrossTheTundra Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I was at a conference for work and this girl asked me for a ride home, said it wasn't far up the road and it would save her from waiting for a ride. There may have been some flirting involved. So we take off and somehow the conversation touched on sex in cars. I was driving a little gas saving Datsun 210 at the time and retorted how that was a drawback to these cars. She challenged me claiming it could be done pretty easily. I pondered I don't see how and she confidently exclaimed I'll show you. Up a little further, turn into this housing development.

    I was out of town and only knew the main arteries in the immediate area from having studied the map beforehand but in we go (this was before digital devices). We snaked through the houses and down a dip where there was a little pulloff near a creek, in view of a couple homes still but through the woods. What if they call the cops? They won't, she said, reassuringly. But we can't be too long.

    She reclined her seat all the way back and instructed me to do likewise. She had me lie on my back between the seats (I already had the back seats folded forward to extend the cargo area) one foot on either side of the gearshift and open the front of my pants. She climbed on top of me, rubbing over my rock hard anticipating probe, pulled the front of her dress up a bit and her panty crotch to the side, grabbed my member and aimed it in as she slid onto it (that all happened very quickly and easily, signaling she was quite practiced). Her reaction to the full insertion was priceless, as if some long anticipated dream had been materialized. And talk about wet... primed she was.

    She worked it so well, it was amazing, and in such a tight enclosure. She brought herself to orgasm fairly quickly it seemed to me, the contractions spasming her insides on me felt so delicious. I didn't want it to end but she suggested I'd better hurry up (while looking left and right out the windows). I didn't want to hurry but got the message. She encouraged me by talking dirty and saying sexy things about how good I felt in her and stuff like that to get me off. I could feel it building up so I didn't resist except at the end when it was irreversible and then only for delaying the blasts. Again, her reactions were priceless as I shot into her, so encouraging. I continued hammering for a while after the release was compete as she gyrated on top until it started to subside and the reality of needing to move on sank in.

    She rolled to the side and forward to allow me exit, I cumbersomely made it back to my driver's seat, facing forward, and got my jeans closed back on top of my soaking wet everything, and seat back to position. She was quick to fix her panty and dress to normal in the meantime. See, I told you it could be done. Wasn't so bad, was it? It was great, thank you for showing me. Now I know how to make it work if I ever need to. :)
  11. TrudginAcrossTheTundra

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    Geeze, that came out much longer than I expected! :openmouth:

    It definitely isn't one of the best cars to shag in, but it was the best shag I remember in a car!

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