Best cars for shagging in

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phil1965, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. The bonnet was a nice perch
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  2. rasta g child

    rasta g child Banned

    i wanT a Range Rover 2021
  3. MeAgain

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    I used those doors vents in my Dart and Valiant for the same thing. Also held a lot of weed.
  4. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    Rumor is Nash and Ramblers were banned from Drive in theaters.


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  5. Candy Gal

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  6. soulpoker

    soulpoker Members

    Another reason to bring back more cars with a stick. There might be something to this.
  7. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    If I remember correctly the horn on the original Mini was in the middle of the steering wheel, so I've an Idea of how you were positioned, lol.
    Incidentally a young lady was pregnant and when speaking to the doctor he asked if she had any questions about the birth, " yes, what position will I be in when I give birth?" she asked, the doctor replied, "well miss, roughly the same position you were in when you conceived", the young lady looked at him in horror, "WHAT, she squealed, lying on the back seat of a Mini with my legs out of the window!"
  8. Bob2020

    Bob2020 Members

    According to the Guinness book of records the record for most people crammed into a ‘classic’ mini is 27. The record for a ‘new’ mini is 28.

    On that basis, there is enough room in a classic mini to perform the entire Kama Sutra!
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  9. Candy Gal

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    Yes, you are right about the horn Phil.
    Who said I was lying down. What is wrong with the driver's seat?
  10. lion1978

    lion1978 Lifetime Supporter Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    A bus, any bus no particular make or model, just a BUS
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  11. Candy Gal

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    Not a school bus!!!!
  12. lion1978

    lion1978 Lifetime Supporter Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    True, that would just be. well I have no words for it
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  13. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    I remember doing security for a local authority and we were getting a lot of complaints about people having sex in cars on a very public car park late at night, we were told to stop it. We arrived one night and discovered a solitary car parked up on this car park with all the windows steamed up, there was five of us stood around the car and we all switched on our torches at the same time, you've never seen anyone get dressed as quickly, needless to say they never came back. lol
    I had one really funny experience one night with a very attractive young lady, we'd been out and had a meal and a few drinks (I was on soft drinks as I was driving) she was dressed to kill in a tight top, even tighter leggings and a pair of long black boots which she proudly told me were very expensive and brand new. We parked up on a deserted car park in a wooded area and got down to it, I nearly didn't bother considering how long it took to peel off her legggings, lol, anyway eventually we did the deed and she decided immediately afterwards that she needed to relieve herself which meant nipping into the woods. Another 5 minutes was spent as she fought her way back into her leggings, desperation was setting in and she pulled on her boots and decided to squat down beside the car, it was at this point that we became aware of another car that was parked alongside us, it had obviously arrived while we were 'at it'. She cursed and swore and heaved her leggings on fully and then exited the vehicle, she'd have to go into the woods and fight her leggings all over again. She took about 3 steps, squealed and froze, there was a loud hissing noise followed by much swearing and cursing, she'd wet herself!
    I quickly threw an old coat on the seat before she leapt back into the car, it ruined what could have been a wonderful night, all I got as I drove her home was how expensive her boots were and how they were now soaked inside. All I did was hope that they were waterproof and that whatever was in them stayed in them and didn't leak out onto my nice plush floor carpets in the car. lol.
  14. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    I didn't say you were lying down, lol, I've done plenty with Mini's and think I know exactly the position you were in, and it was either your back or your arse that hit the horn, lol. Signs of a mis-spent youth no doubt, and wasn't that the only way, being all goody goody was no fun. I remember the old saying, 'nice girls go to heaven, naughty girls get to go everywhere.
  15. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    I remember many years ago, I was leaving my mates 21st birthday bash at a local club, outside there was a 'young lady', and I use the term loosely, she was sat on a car bonnet with her short skirt pulled up around her waist and some bloke was plowing into her like no tomorrow! A bit of a crowd had gathered to watch and one chap in particular was not very happy about it all, I never did find out if it was his lady getting done by another bloke or if it was his car bonnet she was being done on, either way he wasn't happy. lol
    Incidentally, whilst on the subject of car bonnets there was a nurse I knew who had a thing about coppers, she loved them. her party piece at the end of a drunken Friday night was to perch on the bonnet of the police car that was always parked in the middle of town, swing herself around legs wide open and 'flash' at the occupants, the mere sight of a drunken Julie approaching would usually send an experienced cop driving hurriedly away. After one particularly heavy drinking session she emerged from the club, minus her panties and headed immediately to find the waiting cop car, unfortunately the young driver didn't see her until it was too late to do anything and watched in awe as Julie mounted the bonnet, much to his more experienced colleague's dismay and swung around, legs wide apart, to face the windscreen. she then decided the windscreen needed cleaning and sprayed a jet all over it. She slid off the bonnet and the cop car hurriedly drove off and wasn't seen in that location for weeks afterwards.
    Nobody ever dared arrest Julie for her drunken antics, she had more arms than an octopus when she was drunk and many a cop had been badly mauled (groped) in an attempt to take her in, I believe she did get taken in once, she decided to help them search her by doing a striptease. She wasn't hostile by any means, she just had a real thing about coppers, although I never saw proof of it it was widley rumoured that orders from on high stated that she was not to be brought into the police station for her drunken antics under any circumstances.
  16. Candy Gal

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  17. Scottishdk

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    Vauxhall insignia Estate. Its massive lol
  18. Sweet! I actually have one of those.
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  19. I never thought of putting anything in those vents. But how practical; I wish we hadn't lost these to systems which condition the air and require energy to operate fans.
    My Dart was a '65. It had a 273cid high performance V8. 63 in first gear, 110 in second, in third wrap the speedo needle full turn to the back of the zero peg, ~140. The barracuda has a slant six and "three on the tree".
    Oh to have my 273 back and a four speed in the 'cuda.
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  20. Well, since you ask, it's that you guys put them on the wrong side!!! :)
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