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Discussion in 'Books' started by Penny, May 15, 2004.

  1. Penny

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    That French science-fiction author is a genius... probably my favorite writer of all of all time. I know his books are translated in more than 20 languages and that he's world-wide known, but, aside from "Empire Of The Ants", does anyone know if his books are available in English? After "Empire Of The Ants", he wrote 2 other books on ants, just as incredible as the 1st one, and that won many prizes in many countries. After the ants trilogy, he wrote 2 books on heaven absolutely hilarious, mixing science-fiction, philosohy and humour... "The Thanatonauts" and "Empire Of The Angels". Other popular books he wrote but as much as those are "The Ultimate Secret" and "The Father Of Our Fathers" (I'm not too sure about my translations of the French titles! I just translated word-for-word but sometimes translations for books and movies are slightly or completely different!). Last book I read by him is this compilation of short stories called "The Tree Of The Possibles".

    Werber has invented a new kind of writing, mixing serious philosophy and thoughts about the world, true science and science-fiction, with a dash of humour.
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    I've only read Empire Of The Ants... it's one of my favorite books. It's certainly one of the most eye-opening things I've ever read. What's most amazing is, I read in the short bio of BW at the end that he had studied ants for 15 years, and I think that anyone who has been so devoted to a subject and knows so much about it wouldn´t fabricate things about it.
  3. Penny

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    Oh I wish you could read the rest of the Ants and his other books... you would love them, I know it! If only you could understand French a bit better or if we could finally find them in English!!!! But I promise you that if we never do, I'll translate them all for you :)

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