Berenstein Bears And The Mandela Effect

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by psymon*, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Pressed_Rat

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    If you truly wanted to be woken up, you would seek the truth on your own instead of asking others to provide it for you.
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    PR is woke AF
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  4. Asmodean

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    Sure, that's not the issue. What Im disappointed about is when people who act awoken talk about proven facts which they never share :p
    It's not like my search stops when the supposedly awoken one im conversing with says nuh-uh you go look for what im talking about. But the fact remains they talk about proven facts they seemingly can't share. And dub everyone who can't see how its so as someone who don't want to wake up. Seems fair to point out there's a big inbetween crowd ;)
  5. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Operation Gladio is something that has been acknowledged as real. Why do I have to provide you with the evidence when you are capable of doing your own research?
  6. neoprene_queen

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    I find the Mandela Effect fascinating. Not because I believe in any of this, but because people out there think parallel dimensions are a more logical excuse than misremembering something.

    Confabulation is a real thing--but no! I'm arrogant. I KNOW MY memory is the RIGHT one! If my memory is wrong, it's not that I'm wrong--it's because the powers that be have relocated me to this new universe.

    I think the Mandela Effect flourishes on human arrogance, pride, and entitlement.
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  7. psymon*

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    I think the Mandela Effect is only credible if a large number of a population shares the same false memory.

    You can't be all like, "No I didn't fuck your wife. I transitioned into a universe where I did get fuck your wife and now I'm living with the consequences."
  8. Beach Ball Lady Balls

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    I always thought it was berenstein bears and dont know how this stain on the berenstein bears came about.

    The tv show even said berenstein in the theme song!

    I suspect that the name was anglicized at some point in spelling but not in pronunciation! Although I do like the alternative universe idea.
  9. neonspectraltoast

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    Baranstain Bears you mean
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  10. Beach Ball Lady Balls

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    No, I mean berenstein. Berenstein is a last name and a variation of it is Bernstein and means kosher family. Might have even been changed intentionally in spelling as it is a Jewish name and the need or feeling of the need to hide their lineage.

    The proper, original spelling of the name is Berenstein.

    Keep in mind also that with immigration and those that wrote down their names was often done by someone who could barely spell. Brothers and sisters with the same last name were written down and each one could have different spellings.
  11. Beach Ball Lady Balls

    Beach Ball Lady Balls Well-Known Member

    Yes let's change all the E's to A's. Lol

    We can create the mangled affect!
  12. autophobe2e

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    As far as I can work out, the mandela effect seems to mainly be bits of film and pop culture trivia that people misremember because they are often taken out of context to be repeated. for example, the reason we remember "Luke, I am your father", "Life is like a box of Chocolates" and "play it again Sam" are because those lines don't make sense without the context of the scene, so we've heard them repeated more often in that alternate form. Often the alternate versions are used in marketing or popular parodies.

    OR we have memories from an alternate dimension.

    It's one or the other...

    People who are well-informed don't think that Mandela died in the 80's. Is it because they pay attention to the news, or because they are somehow coincidentally also the people who are less influenced by alternate realities?

    People who are Star Wars megafans know that Darth Vader Said "No, I am your father". Again, Is this because they know what they're talking about, or because, again, they are less susceptible to false memories from quantam woo?

    Again, it's one or the other....
  13. Dejavu~

    Dejavu~ Well-Known Member

    Could be both auto. Some of us could still have poor recall despite the superior memory we enjoy in alternate dimensions. ;D

    I'm a berensteiner, of the variety that remember it being pronounced stain, as opposed steen or stine. Weird for me as I remember noting the difference between the spelling and pronunciation as a child! lol

    From "The Berenstæin Bears and the Big Spelling Bee":

    There are two ways to become a good speller.
    One is to study lists of words and memorize
    the way they are spelled.

    The other is to be a good
    reader and just let the words
    seep into your brain.

    They lied to me! lol

    ( My actual theory is that I misremembered owing to the various differing pronunciations, or that I somehow saw the a as an e owing to the font? I'm still confused! )
  14. hotwater

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    Some conspiracy theorists blame the high energy output of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as the most likely source of the Mandela Effect

    The collision of exotic particles within the electrodynamic accelerator distorts time and breakdown the barriers between universes and thus interferes with normal human brain function

  15. Irminsul

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    Cartoon bears ends up in parallel universes. Lol.
  16. themnax

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    they weren't part of my childhood, i was in my 20s in the 70s, but i do remember them.
    as for the op's memories, just another case of trading places with another of your selves in a parallel universe.
    most people don't notice when this happens, or just think something rotted their brain,
    but i pay attention because i like new scenes. only thing is, most (adjacent) parallel universes,
    its just one little thing like that that's the only difference between them.

    now if you could swap with one a long way out, that would be interesting for both of those selves.

    it isn't c.e.r.n. though. its EVERY time ANYTHING could happen multiple different ways.
    "conspiracy" implies intent. this is just the way the multiverse works (if it should so happen to be that it does),
    nothing to do with any awareness's intentions.
  17. I knew there was something seriously wrong with the Spooky Old Tree Book. I kept getting panic attacks everytime I read them to both my daughters when they were little. Now I know why.
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  19. I'minmyunderwear

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    it is now and has always been called "the spunky odd tree."

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