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    Benzo Berries working as good as Valium and other Sedative. A lot of people want to know the weather they work or are just propaganda. Well, Benzo Berries is one of the best herbal highs we have found for killing pain, and anxiety. Some herbal highs bring you up, and some herbal highs chill you out. Benzo Berries will chill you out just as good as a valium or a soma. It is both an herbal high and a legal high. Benzo Berries is one of the classic legal highs and well know in the Rave and night club scene. Some party people use Benzo Berries as a come down method off of a night of blowing up on coke and or meth. Some of our customers simply use Benzo Berries to chill out after a long day, and use Benzo Berries for Kickin’ back and chillin’ out, and use Benzo Berries to get a good herbal buzz is a beautiful thing.
    Benzo Berries is a Legal High

    If you like Valium, Zanax, and all pain killers then you will have to try Benzo Berries an all natural herbal high. Since we are all bean heads and eat Percocet, and Vicodin, we are very experienced at eating pain killers. So Benzo Berries is the best natural sedative we found for our herbal high customers.

    Benzo Berries will knock all other herbal sedatives out of the water; Benzo Berries are the best herbal high combination geared for full body relaxation we have ever seen. Consume Benzo Berries before bed, and wake up refreshed, and rested the herbal alternative way! Our Benzo Berries customers are saying nothing but great things about Benzo Berries, the amazing herbal relaxers!

    Benzo Berries herbal high is excellent for pain, Benzo Berries is excellent for anxiety, Benzo Berries is great for insomnia. Benzo Berries is also used for just feeling extremely relaxed, and stress free, if you enjoy painkillers, minor tranquilizers and/or muscle relaxers, Benzo Berries is just what you've been waiting for! Some of our Benzo Berries customers stack it with other products such as Trip2night. It is know on the street as Dream Awake. A Kid from Tampa made up the idea, and it has blown up through the night clubs.

    Benzo Berries creates a peaceful state of serene relaxation paired with a full body mellowness and calmness of nerves. Benzo Berries will chill you out like no other. People mix Benzo Berries with Trip2night. Benzo Berries mixed with Trip2night has synergistic effects, and makes this herbal high pure ecstasy. Benzo Berries Herbal sedatives is a great way to relax and just chill out.

    Benzo Berries is unquestionably an excellent herbal high product. Benzo Berries is composed of potent extracts of kava, valerian, and wild berry assuring you a safe and 100% legal herbal relaxer.

    Benzo Berries is a potent herbal high muscle relaxer, so we recommend NO more than 2 Benzo Berries pills within a 6 Hr Period... Do not consume more than 6 Benzo Berries within 12hrs. We cannot be responsible for the overuse, misuse, abuse or any claims arising for misuse of Benzo Berries or any of the other herbal high, herbal ecstasy products. Most Benzo Berries customers take more but we are not responsible.

    How to use Benzo Berries

    How to use: We send you the Benzo Berry Herbal High concentrate, you add it to 16 ounces of fruit punch and you can do caps of Benzo Berries Liquid. This product works great with the Herbal Ecstasy Trip2night.

    Benzo Berries Uses

    Benzo Berries is excellent for minor pain, anxiety, insomnia and just for feeling extremely relaxed.
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    capitalistic benzo berry whore
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    you left out the small thing that it's easy getting addicted to benzo.
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    i'm curious what the fuck opioid painkillers are being grouped with benzo's for? percs and vics have nothing to do with benzos. god i hate the fake drugs people.

    Narcomundo, you want a legal high? how about you come over my way and i knock you in the head a couple of times. feels just like LSD, has the same visual halucinations manifested as stars and little birdies flying about your field of vision. and finally at the peak of your trip you will experience total loss of ego as you slink away weeping, and mubling how you are sorry you preyed on the naivete of the kids....

    i hope you choke.

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