belgium antics

Discussion in 'UK Member Photos' started by Lozi, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    got up to the usual stuff you do when you go with a bunch of musically inept tools... ..jokes!.....i have a foot and back problem hmm....

    drunkeness and putting whipped cream on brother....i was innocent though..all i did was have a couple of tasty cocktails and that's about as rebellious as i was in belgium...

    my brother after mark & co. found some whipped cream...
    [​IMG] brother after the beer mats were applied, and a pen lid or something. how droll.

    me and mark in brussels outside that big courtyard place. really famous. has a name. but can't remember it. he'd had a few.
  2. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    after the belgium tour...lozi and co went to france for 2 weeks...

    where's wally....or lozi in this case:p

    there's lozi! btw boys and grils...stay away from mozzie-filled fields at night....not a good look
  3. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    ....more pictures mwahaha..

    guitar dave-an absolute legend. he has a band and a website and is a child careworker coz he hates uni and is overly clever. he could get into cambridge so easily but he can't be bothered and doesn't want to "jump through hoops".

    beth:likes goth black metal but now a tankus fan too haha!

    forgive me for i know not theses girls names but they are my buddies also! and the guy, that's afro sam. stewarded at soul survivor and very teddylike and going to durham uni i think
  4. Claire

    Claire Senior Member


  5. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    yeppo claire...the world is my like that anyhoo...

    the adventures did not stop there though. ah no, then lozi went camping at soul survivor in shepton mallet(near glasto)....and a few recognisable people went...

    oh..wait...this is me again! self-obsessed aye[​IMG] prowling the darkened dusk in my bonneted cape

    bit of a fuzzy picture but look to the right...guess who that is?[​IMG] his name sounds like barlton...or barlos....depening on what you call him...
  6. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    hot 20yr old goth guy who wears black lippy. haven't got the photos of him developed yet...crumbs he reminds me 13....[​IMG] imho
  7. TheFly

    TheFly Member

    I need to get new glasses... I could swear that title said Bedroom Antics...:eek:

    I need to lie down in a darkened room...:&

  8. PinkMoon

    PinkMoon Senior Member

    and that's why im about to nominate you for hipforums dirty old man;)

    those pictures are lovely lozi :)
  9. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    yes fly, because i am likely to attract that many people in one summer...chuh, honestly!:p haha

    thanks lunar rouge...pinkmoon even!

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