Being held CaPtiVe AGAIN!!!!!

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by jennaladay, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I met this girl…Not much older than I am (im 21) and I was in my old neighborhood in Upper Darby on my old street. Somehow after I met her (the part of the dream where things turned bad is blurry) but the next thing I knew I was trapped in her house, and she was going to torture and kill me along with my friends. At one point I had escaped and made it down the steps into the living room, out the front door, and then she caught me and dragged me back upstairs. Then again I don’t remember how I got into this situation, but the next thing I knew I was running to escape, and remembered my friends little brother was still in there and I had to get him…so I told the girl holding us captive I would stay to let him free. Next thing I know I was sitting in this room with my friend the crazy lady and some other people, and she came up with my last meal which was corn and mashed potatoes. (she didn’t say it was my last meal but I knew I was next to die). So my friend gave me this look, and I got an idea to say I was going to the bathroom and just take off…so that’s exactly what I did…when I was running it felt like I couldn’t run fast at all, and once I got outside she was right near me so I started screaming HELP!!!! And the next door neighbors were outside so I was able to get away. Then I ran into a group of girls and I was asking them to help me and take me with them in their car so I could get away from this place, but they refused. I begged and begged and told them I would die if they left me here I asked just to be drove right around the corner, so finally they agreed to that. (that whole time the crazy girl was right there). The rest of my dream was basically this crazy person following me all over waiting for the right time to capture me again…and as I was wondering I was telling everyone that she is a murderer and they need to help me, but everyone seemed to know her and thought I was crazy for even saying that.

    This is the second dream in a month that I have had where I was being held captive…what does this mean? Any ideas??

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