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Discussion in 'Politics' started by travelguy61, Sep 10, 2021.

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    Born and raised in Texas, and lived there all my life. I would enjoy telling people I was from Texas, but not anymore. What the politicians have done to this state is beyond belief. They want to take everyone rights away as American's and give it to the few. They seem to want only the right side to control the state, screw the rest. This was once a free country and now they are taking more and more of our rights away. They want everyone carrying side arms, taking us back to the old west. Things have stopped going forward and now are going backwards. I'm done being a Texan. I don't want to be associated with this crazy place anymore. I believe in the constitution and the freedom it gave us. And want no part in removing those rights.
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    THE REPUBLICAN PARTY that's doing all that in Texas - and in other states as well - is the very same party always promoting "FREEDOM." How IN THE NAME OF GOD can they be sooo two-faced and hypocritical????? What I don't understand is how sooooo many people can't see the REALITY of their freedoms being taken away - by a "party" touting it's love of freedom !!!!!!!!! Is freedom only for a select FEW now???

    My wife just got a communication from a former college classmate who moved to Texas some years ago. That classmate is moving out of Texas precisely because of the RADICALIZATION of the state and it's government. The guy's moving his family out for many of the reasons you state in your post.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^ Above post -

    How would you like to witness these so-called "Christians" trying to present their arguments to Almighty GOD that whites of European ancestry should be the only ones admitted to HIS kingdom? !!!!!!!

    "Christian" haters and bigots : "But Heavenly Father - those Black, Asian, and Hispanic people are sub-human!! They're not as well-mannered and well-accepted as US!! Surely you won't allow THEM to come in??"

    GOD : "So you think they're sub-human, huh? I created them ..... so you're saying I made millions of "mistakes"?? And just WHO IS IT that's not being "well-mannered" here?? One more question for you ......... WHO is doing the accepting into MY kingdom here .......... you ........... or ME??"

    Some of the "Christian" haters and bigots ought to look back on their own ancestry. If they're / we're white .......... we ALL came from Europe or elsewhere. The ONLY people who can truthfully claim that the U.S. is their native country are Native American "Indians." ALL of our predecessors I-M-M-I-G-R-A-T-E-D from somewhere else - and with GREAT VIOLENCE.
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    When you think of this tiny little blue ball hurtling through space containing ALL that humanity and other sentient beings extant have and are going to need as time goes by---it seems so infantile, ignorant , time consuming , harmful, and stupid to waste time on even the minimum of general hate towards fellow human beings. Not talking about the worst of humanity---laws are on the books for those---just the waste of time humans that can't move on from the primitive bullshit of racism.:mad:
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    I agree, Scratcho. What do hate, racism, and bigotry gain for anyone?? Imagine if all the energy & time wasted on those 3 things were channeled into actual good, productive endeavors. How much BETTER the world could be.
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