beer bate and ammo

Discussion in 'Music' started by RainbowCat, Jan 16, 2005.

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    there's this country song by some guy (unless it's a cover), and in it's chorus it says "beer bate and ammo" and how that's all he needs. i like folk music and bluegrass, but country can get annoying. "i like my steak, guns, and titties" GOD! completely disgusting, somtimes. i'm not saying im against country music, but all i'm saying is that somtimes country music is about horribly degrading things. i know, it's like this in all music, (pop, punk, rap, ect.) but somthing about a hick (sometimes fat, sometimes sweaty) singing about it is a little worse, in my opinion of course. i'm not against hicks, either well, to be nicer, country folk (most my relatives are hicks), but there is also alot of racism invloved with people who sing country music (unless that's only in my relatives). i'm not trying to offend anyone, i'm just sharing a rondom opinion

    if you are mad about what i just said, we can talk about it, please do not be TOO angry (lthough a little annoyed/offened is fine and understandable)


    (or maybe it's worse when rappers talk about it)
  2. drumminmama

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    hah! he'd love a topless bar in Oklahoma City that is the second half of a bait shop.
    Only place in the world where I figure the mall SHOULD sprawl over the neighborhood.
  3. one should hope that both sides don't smell the same (sorry -- that was bad)

    .....but I do remember the Red Dog having some of the best burgers in the city -- I know, no importance to a veg, but to a redneck.........

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