Becoming a childhood memory (trip report)

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by ForestNymphe, May 29, 2004.

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    It's amazing to hear what my sitter had to say. Whoever he was speaking with was not me for I was not here. *lol*

    Dose: one bongload of 5x extract

    I do not remember much of this trip at all, and most of what I can remember I cannot describe in words. I was taken back to a place in childhood, not just seeing that place but going back to that exact time and memory and living it. I was in bed, as a child and in the space between dreaming and awake. I was falling yet propped up by the infinate darkness, surrounded by the bits of rainbow light I usually experience on salvia. A presence in the darkness whispered to me a sacred word, a word I remember hearing before as that child in bed. Pity I can't recall it. I am told I tried to stand a few times and was having a conversation with the sitter. I have no memory of this at all. I remember speaking to the presence that was with me, but remained unseen, only her voice speaking in a hushed whisper. When I came down I felt extremely high and euphoric, I was one with all and felt like I had within my soul new knowledge. I carry that feeling with me. I am in awe, at the power of this plant, and the depths of memory. I hope that I can recall more of this experience, my sitter tells me I looked like I had a good time.
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    my very first experience with salvia left me in my grandmothers yard as a child playing on the hill--and something to do with dandelions,but i felt like i could smell and tase salvia at that time ,like i had done this before. Its amazing the child like mind it gives you back to experience it all new again.

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