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Discussion in 'Books' started by hello, May 24, 2004.

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    i've just had a very interesting run-in with this book.

    i heard some things about it from here and there, and then...
    one day i randomly happened to see the PBS documentary "Fierce Grace",
    about Ram Dass and his life.

    a few days later, i was in a little headshop place and i saw "Be Here Now"
    on the shelf. i picked it up and read a little bit. i was intrigued.

    not long after that, i found a copy in the library, and i checked it out.
    that day, i was at a park, reading the book, and i had a deeply spiritual

    so i've read much of this book, and it opened me up to a lot of things
    that i had previously been blind to. i can already feel how this book
    is affecting me... so very deeply. it came into my life at the exact time
    that i needed to hear what it had to say. the connections between the content
    of that book and my life right now are astonishing. but it all makes sense.
    it's all understood, you know.

    any thoughts on this book?
  2. ImaPeach

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    I'm intrigued... I really want to read it now!
    I'm glad you had a beautiful experience with it. I love it when I discover something new that opens my mind :)
  3. MushroomDreams

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    When Be Here Now was first published, it was on every hippy’s coffee table. It was an early inspiration to me. I bought a copy and re-read it while I was writing my book. :)
  4. NightOwl1331

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    Ah...memories. I remember when I first read Be Here Now years ago. It was very eye opening for me. :)
  5. sleeping jiva

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    hello: I totally understand your point of view. I call it "mystique". That's like you can peek into destiny. Well, it's logic. Richard Alpert (Ram Das) writes about so deep principles that you can't be uninvolved :). I experienced this same situation with Bhagavadgita -I was reading my own life!!! :):)

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