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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by otb01, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. otb01

    otb01 Member

    The curiosity of others in this forum into my use of bayleaf has got me thinking. I think that I could make a solid extract of bayleaf by working on grinding it for a hour or two and then soaking it in alcohol (possibly blending it in a blender?) And filtering it through coffee filter or letting the alcohol evaporate. The thing is that everclear is a little hard to find. Would regular vodka work?

    UPDATE: I have found out in my other thread that bay leaf contains isoquinoline alkaloids. Is ethanol suitable for extracting alkaloids from plant material?

    UPDATE #2: Here's what I'm thinking, in a sealed plastic container, I will put blended suspension of bay leaves in ethanol. I will let that sit in a dark, cool enviornment for 3 days to a week. After that, I will make a filter out of two coffee filters and run the resulting solution through it, capturing bay leaf resin/goop/whatever in the filter and leaving ethanol with whatever pigments left in a beaker which I can filter out a second time to try to catch leftovers. Sound good?
  2. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    thatd be awesome man i say you do it. And report back the effects that you get.
  3. kidsmoke

    kidsmoke Member

    and just what might you do with those isoquinolines?
  4. otb01

    otb01 Member

    I'll look at them... NO! I'm gonna smoke it
  5. kidsmoke

    kidsmoke Member

    haha, lemme know how that works out

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