Battle of the Beanfield 20th Anniversary

Discussion in 'UK Parties and Protests' started by Zonk, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Zonk

    Zonk Banned

  2. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    More a massacre of the beanfield really. Absolutely disgusting....
  3. Paul

    Paul Cheap and Cheerful

    This makes me feel old
  4. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    You are old:p
  5. Maon

    Maon Member

    zonk are you going? .. can i come with you if you are .. would be good to go with some company :D
  6. Zonk

    Zonk Banned

    Yeah man ofcourse! There's a possie of us going down from Norwich early on the 1st which I think is a Wednesday so if you get here the day before or something, that might be a good idea.

    As of yet no one knows what the police situation will be, no doubt there'll be grief in the weeks leading up to the anniversary.:rolleyes:
  7. COBALT_Blue

    COBALT_Blue Member

    Zonk's pulled


    - dashes for cover
  8. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    Awww Maon and Zonk up a tree:p

    Well I will be there...

    It's not like I have work or nuthing:rolleyes:

  9. Maon

    Maon Member

    Man alive ... and I haven't even seen a picture of him yet! What have I done!

  10. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Man alive indeed!
  11. Paul

    Paul Cheap and Cheerful

  12. Maon

    Maon Member

    i watched these too .. but thanks for putting them all up here aas i missed a coulpe of them. thanks for posting the links u here paul, much appreciated.
  13. Zonk

    Zonk Banned

    Just got this one off Indy aswell, looks like some good stuff.

    By the way, there are those involved in the Solstice at Stonehenge 'reconcilliation' process who don't feel that the anniversary should be remembered by people heading down to the area for the 1st as it will somehow jeapordise the current solstice celebrations there.

    I for one say 'SUCK EGGS'!

    I was 14 at the time and can safely say it was the most politicizing event of my life and I have the scars on my head to prove it. I've been waiting years to mark this nasty sordid event and make sure the public remember what actually happened!!

    There's a traveller sitting beneath an oak tree on a piece of land.

    The owner comes up to him, in a threatening manner and says:

    Get off my land!

    What makes it your land?

    My father gave it to me

    And what made it his land?

    His father gave it to him

    And what made it his land?

    His father fought for it

    Right says the traveller, rolling up his sleeves,

    I'll fight you for it then..!!


    Maon, I dont like my pictures on here as I'm a very naughty boy and don't wan't certain organisations knowing what I look like! If you know what I mean;) .
  14. Zonk

    Zonk Banned

  15. Zonk

    Zonk Banned

    Interestingly enough they didnt manage to destroy us that year. 3 years later in 1988 they had another good go, resulting in about 60 arrest and a lot of hospitalisation on both sides.

    At the end of the day I think we ended up destroying ourselves sadly.
  16. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    I have so many mixed feelings on this one that I can't even string a coherent opinion together.
  17. Zonk

    Zonk Banned

    Dok I have just this minute recieved the CD you did me!!

    Ha! Ha!

    <Is dancing around the house listening to Culture Shock and RDF on full volume like in the 'good old days'!!>

    Thanks mate!

    The anniversary starts here!!!!!!!!!!:H
  18. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Glad you're enjoying it :)
  19. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Well the traveller community, as it once existed, is dead and buried. I think the CJA is only partly accountable for that though. All it really did was accelerate the process. Strangely, I think the biggest single contributor to the death of the travelling community is the continued increase in relative prosperity over the last couple of decades. Coutercultures need an underclass in order to survive, and their simply aren't enough downtrodden masses anymore.
  20. Paul

    Paul Cheap and Cheerful

    You say that ... but the more I look around, the more I'm starting to think that people are more downtrodden and oppressed than ever.

    I just think it's hidden away more ... where people used to struggle with nothing, they now have easier access to credit and struggle more with debts and other pressures, while still seeming to have a decent lifestyle. Healthcare is no better, waiting lists are shit; in some places round here you can't even register with a doctor or get your kids into a school ... If you want a council flat now the system has changed so you have to bid for it rather than wait your turn.

    I think the national statistics website says that the division of wealth in the UK is actually slightly worse (

    People were downtrodden in the eighties and they made a stand ... Nowadays, with changes in union laws and the CJA, it seems that people are not only downtrodden, they are also demoralised and can't even see the point of making a stand.

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