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Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by boothy, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    I have always said school was like a lesser version of a prison. I mean, we get out at the end of the day, but we don't have the leisure activities prisons do... TV's and shit.

    I know some teachers are honestly wanting to teach the kids but the place is getting unbearable.

    Usual stuff, noone allowed off school site, forced to eat literally horrible stuff (not jut horrible, we find hairs and stuff in burgers all the time, well, in grease actually) and its ridiculously expensive. The school got a grant for new equipment, it went on the senior staff wages.

    Cause me and my mates didn't stand for it. We went into town to get food - where you have to constantly evade the police. But we were back for end of lunch, there wasnt any harm done.

    Noone wants to be there. Everyone is gloomy, angry. The administration are twats. Really, awful, a kid is just a number to them.

    I hate the place, and I thought I'd post this as news came through to me that the school now has a 10 foot metal fence (that you can't see through) all around the school, and a gat to be kept locked all through the day.

    We're gonna be penned in like animals. Is anyone elses school like this? Bearing in mind it is not private at all, state school or whatever, a rouhg place yes (hell, a block has been burned down, and town riots caused by the dickheads who go there) but it's not right to inprison school kids, is it?

    Am I just being a teenage anti-authorotive twat? Cause I'm gonna hate going back there, and I was going to try not get kicked out a lot this year (I had a serious problem with the place, and voiced it too much, unfortunately)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Insomniac_devi

    Insomniac_devi Beast Toast

    Wow.....I'm so very sorry friend. The only thing I could suggest is to try to enroll yourself in a different school. Or you could burn this school to the ground, whichever you prefer.
  3. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    EDIT: Sorry about this :(
  4. Moon Water

    Moon Water Rena

    wow... sounds like hell. lol
    you could try and look into raising money for your school to make things more comfortable. Usually when it gets bad like that is they dont have the money to make it nice. it could help with the food, school material, and mabye even teachers. As for the fence i would look at it as more of keeping those bad people out of the school grounds rather than keeping you in. I know i wouldnt like it either though.
    Or on a whole other track, you could look into homeschool if your parents are up to it. Hell my parents dont even teach me anything. I learn myself. There are books you can buy, websites to help you with school and even some study groups you could join. It also gets you ready for college. In college you dont really have that much help. they tell you what you will study and give you some imformation but the rest is your duty. they dont have time to tell you every single thing.
  5. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    EDIT: Sorry, made no sense
  6. Moon Water

    Moon Water Rena

    no offence but are you speaking another language or something. i cant understand what you are saying...
  7. kayahaze

    kayahaze Member

    oh man i feel trapped in school already, if i was locked in i don't know if i would go, why did they have to put a fence around the school?
  8. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    Sorry about that, I came home last night drunk as heck, and this page was up on my PC :( I'll delete them 2 posts.

    I think I was trying to say if we raised money for the school, it would go on themselves, the admin wages probably.

    And as for why there is a wall round it... it's 'cos people hated everything, school dinners and stuff, and a lot of people would just walkout through various ways and skive school in town. I did it myself many times, and I used to be keen to "learn".
  9. monarch

    monarch Member

    man =\
    i lived in the US for the 2 years after september 11, and it was shit at school. they wouldnt let me get out of the lunchroom, even, except for the bathroom. everyone in that period lunch was just locked into the room. which was new for me, cuaz in india it was open campus in lunch (hehe, they had the same lunch period for the whole school so it was freakin crowded o.0 but back to my point...)
    in canada here, we can go out during lunch, they dont care as long as we get back to school on time for the next period.
    and its not a rough place, but its not tame either, yknow? gangs and stuff a lot.. tamil tigers... shit like that
    no fence, nothing like that, and its a public school too.
  10. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Mine doesn't have a fence, but they have people guarding the doors... as well as cameras that follow movements.
  11. Damn, your schools do seem like prisons, there are no fences around mine and there are only cameras at the exits. The only thing I dont like is only the Seniors get to go off campus for lunch, my house is a ten minute walk from the school, it would be nice to go home and relax for a bit during lunch. You can sneak out of there pretty easily, a few of my friends did but they got caught becasue they were stupid enough to go to the park right across the street and sit in plain view at a bench where a cop saw them. I dont do stuff like that though, with the way my grades are and the classes I'm taking I should be able to graduate a year early if I take one class during summer school after my Junior year. I don't want to do anything to fuck that up.
  12. hippieseba

    hippieseba Member

    there's nothing wrong with you, you're just being who you are
    there's something wrong with schools, i hate mine too by the way
    it's run by stupid fascistic braindead fucks who make new rules every day just for fun (fun???)
    there are 2 main entrances to the school, 1 for interns, probably locked all of the time and one for the other students (me) that one you enter trough a gate
    but hehe i found a few new entrances the principle doesn't even know
    but it's too late now, this year, and the next, you can leave the school for lunch. should've found out about 'm earlier
    back to the subject :D the principle; i was once occused of entering a room that was restricted for students (i did not enter it, i only closed the door)
    i don't know who saw me (maybe one of the cleaning ladies doing it with someone else of the staff) but whoever it was, that person went to principle
    so next day they told me i had detention and i tried to go speak to the principle but that dumb fuck was too coward to speak to me and just trusted his staff blindly :$
    i'll just have to put up with him for 2 more years

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