Barely a hard on, getting smaller and no feeling down there

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by Doorman, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Doorman

    Doorman Guest

    Hi everyone

    I was doing some research and came across this site so thought i would sign up and start my on post

    My story,

    Been going out with the same girl for 12 yrs, she is very sexy and turns me on just looking at her. Unfortunately my penis isn't. BUT, it hasn't really worked since i was about 18, i actually missed out on many sexual encounters with beautiful women back then. If it wasn't for my lady recommending viagra when we first met i probably would still be a virgin. :( so yes, viagra DID work, and worked for a years, was expensive but worked.
    Recently i have noticed it has been getting smaller in size or maybe stopped growing since 18 yrs old. I barely even know its there anymore, even when getting a BJ i barley know she is there or at ALL! SUCKS! Even when we first started going out i could barley get off by a BJ.
    Viagra, cialis or lavitra doesn't even really work, gets a bit chubby, not enough to perform. I cant even get it hard enough to masturbate now. Starting to get very depressed, bad enough it hasn't really worked since i was 18.

    I have been to doctor, X-rays, blood tests, and nothing has given any answers and all looks normal.
    One thing i should mention, i was a mover for 10 yrs., i started noticing extreme pain around and below bellybutton, like ripping pain, i couldn't even stand up straight when it happened, would only last about 2 min, and would usually happen the day of heavy lifting, either right after or even 8 hrs later.
    Now i started feeling a ripping pain in same area but also i felt it from there to the tip of my dick head. It feels like a cord is attached from belly button to my dickhead and its playing tug a war. Best way to describe it.
    I also have been hard time getting all my pee out, finding myself dripping a minute later, that started cpl yrs ago too.

    I do have a MRI scheduled but its not for like 9 months.

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Im 34 and very depressed, ready to give up on sex. But not give up on pleasing my women ;) just not with my penis.
  2. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    if youre just going to a regular doc forget him and ask to see a specialist ..urologist i guess would be the better one who would know more about that area
  3. Doorman

    Doorman Guest

    Ya. He was my family doctor. He is sending me to a specialist. Been a six month
    Wait!! My appointment is next month
  4. Inca

    Inca Member

    As your problem is medically complex, I would advise waiting to see what the specialist says. I know it is frustrating waiting, but there is not much else you can do.
  5. Doorman

    Doorman Guest

    For sure. Just curious if and how many other ppl have same or similar problem.
    Could point me in the right direction and offer advice
  6. Inca

    Inca Member

    You are already in the right direction as you are seeing a specialist. ;)
  7. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    It sounds like a hernia to be honest...but I'm not a doctor so don't hold me to that. Glad your getting a professional opinion.

    While using the viagra type drugs, you never experienced an erection lasting longer than 4 hours right?
  8. Doorman

    Doorman Guest

    No, never once in all my 10 yrs. that woulda been great! Lol
    I can barely keep it up long enough to finish :( in all my 10 yrs on it.
  9. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    Just checking in. Was it a hernia? I'm assuming you went to the doctors by now.
  10. Doorman

    Doorman Guest

    I have, he said it isnt. I asked along time ago and told me the same thing. Could it be possible i have had a hernie this whole time? And he could be wrong?
  11. AliceP77

    AliceP77 Member

    You should definitely see a specialist. It's a shame you can't get that MRI earlier. Have they done an ultrasound of your abdomen?
  12. Doorman

    Doorman Guest

    Yea, its been booked for 6 months, coming up may 9th
    I know, would make me feel better if had mri
    Yes they did, was all good.

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