Barefooters ARE a Threat...

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by nuspieds, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. nuspieds

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    (1) to traffic, as drivers slow unexpectedly to stare
    (2) to commerce, as store owners delay or prevent their purchases
    (3) to societal norms, as barefooters by definition are not conforming
    (4) to law enforcement, as officers query absence of shoes while criminals escape
    (5) to human routine, interrupting thought with sightings of bare feet

    However, it IS a great deal of fun!
  2. clayts

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    (1) agreed
    (2) only had one issue with one snotty Tesco security guard - during the very snowy winter when I wore shoes, I actually got more comments from the staff in there about the fact I was wearing shoes !
    (3) amen to that brother, I feel like I'm flicking the Vs every step I take
    (4) disagree - most policemen here smile and say hello - never had an issue
    (5) yes o yes
  3. I'minmyunderwear

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  4. Barefoot Guy

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    Speaking to #2 it is not only the shoe store merchant who suffers but employees or potential employees, their families and those purchases they may have made had their income been greater by the sale of more footwear.

    Working backward, there are the delivery services who are bearing less product. The manufacturer who is producing less quantity, the footwear designer who faces less demand.

    This is a vicious cycle that affects the world economy. It is not just the local merchant. It is an economic impact on a far greater scale.

    On a positive note (if you can call it that) the economy benefits (if you can call it that) from increased injuries from people going shoeless, law enforcement generates greater revenue from citations for driving barefoot, sign manufacturers ship more "No Bare Feet By Order of Health Department" signs and the latter agency generates greater revenue from citations to food establishments for allowing barefoot patrons in their establishments.

    Before any replies I do freely admit to not taking my medicine today so please consider the source before any rant about anything I've written.
  5. desperad0

    desperad0 Member

    People don't have anything more important to worry about than this?

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