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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by MrGalactica, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. MrGalactica

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    Hey all,

    It's been asked quite a lot on here about people going barefoot outside because I've come across the topics through google a lotToday I decided to sign up and share my experiences and maybe offer some guidance to others. I'm no master at it, I still feel awkward in some places but I still really enjoy it. The sensations you feel on each different surface and just feeing connected to everything around you is a pretty awesome feeling.

    So, how many of you seriously go barefoot outside? Not for 5 minutes but for an hour or an entire day. How did it feel? Where did you go? And how did you deal with the looks from other people? I'd love to know if there's people in Sussex that I could potentially meet.

    Thanks :)

    -Mr G
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    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Been A Full Time Barefooter Now For 101/2 Years.......It Appears Your'e Just A Rank Beginner.....???

    I Wish You Well.... :)

    Cheers Glen.
  3. I'm in the UK. I go barefoot outside for a short period each day without fail as a grounding anxiety that helps me with anxiety. But I have occasionally gone for longer periods without shoes. Last year I went on a short break with my partner in Wales. We rented a little cottage and I hardly wore shoes the whole time we were there. We had access to a private beach and unfortunately it was a stony one but it didn't deter me from going on there barefoot.
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  4. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    I go barefoot ( and comando, ie no underwear. I prefer the feel of less clothes and skin tight jeans/shorts against my skin.) in the UK as much as I can, in fact just got back from shopping at Tesco - barefoot all the way. I love the cool floor, the feeling on the escalators, and especially the underground car park where its so cool, but oh so dirty. Due to the heat, my feet were slightly sweaty so I had to watch the slippery floor inside Tesco. I had a few strange looks, as always while wandering around. Once a young boy said to his Mum, where are that mans shoes, and proceeded to take his off. I spotted him later barefoot, with dirty soles!

    I was at a DIY store before that too. They had been watering the plants, so I left my foot prints for all to see.

    I stopped for fuel on the way back too, again your feet get dirty on the fuel spilt on the floor.

    Yesterday I a barefoot 6 mile hike through a busy town centre, then up into the hills over rough terrain, and up some steep inclines.
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  5. I was thinking about going barefoot for a sociological experiment called "Breaching" where you do something to see how people react. What are people's reactions to your barefooted-ness? :)
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  6. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    Never had any major issues really. A few strange looks is the worst...

    I did go barefoot one day in the winter, most of the day. Again fuel, Tesco, bank, town centre and got quite a few strange looks. Especially loved the footprints in the snow! I went to a pub too to warm my feet in front of the open fire - that was great.

    I went to the local garage for a quick car service, a while ago - barefoot. I love wandering around the filthy floor of the waiting room, and even more so when they ask me to go to the service area. Full of oil and grease. This time they asked me to come in to show me an issue, I gladly accepted. The guy looked down and saw my dirty bare feet and said Oh, will you be ok here? I said, yes no problem, I never rarely shoes. I think he was shocked, but when I showed by my bare dirty soles I think he liked that. barefoot everywhere he said? Yes, I replied. Does it not hurt he said? Nope, I'm used to it. I then said, why don't you try it now? Surely enough off came his steel capped boots and socks, and he walked around barefoot for a few minutes. He loved it, getting his soles grimy and said I think I'll stay like this all day once I go home. I glanced at his feet, they were filthy!
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  7. I'm thinking if I did it, no one would really notice. The point of "breaching" (I think, I don't really know what our instructor has in mind...) is that people will notice. That said I'm also considering wearing a pink wig around. The only problem with that is I don't usually go anywhere other than my parents house and school. The people who would say something are my parents, and I don't think that's the spirit of the assignment. Oh well.. i'll have to figure something out. Thanks!
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  8. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    Do it, but don't stand out. Its liberating.

    Go barefoot for 24 hours, to start with, with no shoes anywhere.
  9. Every once in a wile a rigid thinking person bugs out claiming you need to have shoes on but then when you question them with why thy get stumped but still insist so then you again ask what difference does it make your not using their feet to walk so how does what you do affect them but rigid thinkers won't accept it. I am stepping on the floor what difference does that make to the floor ?

    I can't really think of the best place for breaching right now but if you are doing a You Tube you should think up a bunch of questions for when get a stubborn person.
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  10. SoftSoles

    SoftSoles Member

    During summer months, I largely venture barefoot everywhere on a weekend unless I visit the gym, for example.

    Earlier today, I was barefoot on my driveway, while cleaning my car. Afterwards, I frequented my local shopping centre, where I visited the barbers and tanning salon, before my bare feet graced BodyCare, Holland & Barratt, Asda and Sainsbury's. My usual hairdresser always finds it humorous that I proceed to frequent the shop with no shoes during summer months, providing an interesting topic of conversation while she cuts my hair.

    Particularly when grocery shopping, I'm regularly asked by other shoppers and store assistants why I'm not wearing anything on my feet, to which I'll explain that my flip flops have been removed, in order to reduce the frequency of static shocks from the trolley (perfect excuse) and that they're in the re-usable bag. They're not though, they're in the foot-well of my car, since driving barefoot isn't something that I ever do. Nonetheless, providing an explanation with which most people can resonate helps to dispel awkwardness amongst the conformists.

    Equally, when I don't have the trolley excuse to fall back on, if asked why I'm wandering around in public in barefoot, I simply explain that as a barefoot runner (which I am exclusively during summer months), wandering barefoot helps to maintain the thickness of the fat pad in the fore-foot.
  11. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    I went for a long walk again today through town into Spar to get a drink, and into the countryside. Love the feeling of nothing between you and the ground. Even better with the warm ground beneath!
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  12. SoftSoles

    SoftSoles Member

    Glad to hear that your barefoot ventures today were enjoyable, as you experienced a myriad of different surfaces and textures under-foot. I spent last Saturday afternoon wandering barefoot around Durham city centre, finding the warmth of stone slabs and cobbles a fantastic contrast against the coolness of tiled floors, when entering shops.
  13. mattygroves

    mattygroves Barefooter

    I'm off work for the rest of the week, it's a great feeling to know I'm going to be barefoot for the next 4 days. Its going to be hot today so I'm off to Nottingham, can't wait to feel the warm pavements under my feet.
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  14. SoftSoles

    SoftSoles Member

    Be sure to enjoy the warmth of the pavement beneath your dirty soles, while treading the streets of Nottingham city centre. Although I'm bare foot at present, I'm very much looking forward to barefooting all weekend, from approximately 4pm tomorrow afternoon
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  15. mattygroves

    mattygroves Barefooter

    Wonderful day out yesterday - warm pavements and cool tiles in the shops are always a great combination.

    Wore a toe ring and anklet, I usually only wear these with flip flops, but I just felt like drawing attention to my feet. No problems with any of the shops, in the Victoria center I saw another girl barefoot.

    Many people wearing flip flops and sandals, which is okay, lots of bare toes to be seen, but I bet quite a few would have secretly liked to have kicked them off.

    Love that feeling of being 20 miles from home with no shoes available, makes you feel a little vulnerable which is kinda exciting. Also love that tingly feeling your soles get after a long days barefooting on lots of different surfaces.

    Lots more barefoot action today :)
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  16. SoftSoles

    SoftSoles Member

    I'm glad to hear that you had such a great day out, meandering barefoot in and out of shops without being questioned, while also opting to adorn your feet with jewellery. Did your lack of footwear draw the attention you hoped it would, through inquisitive comments or looks of bewilderment?

    The fact that you also observed a girl also wandering around in her bare feet no doubt made you feel a little more comfortable (and excited) in the knowledge that you weren't the only one. Given how warm it's been of late in the UK, I'd agree that those you saw wearing flip flops and sandals probably wished they had the courage to remove them and follow suit.

    When bare footing in Durham city centre last weekend, although I've grown largely oblivious to stares and looks of bewilderment, my wife told me afterwards that she'd caught countless people staring at my feet. However, while paying for a meal we'd enjoyed in a tea shop, one of the employees did remark at my lack of footwear, stating "Hot feet."

    Although I assumed that she was simply asking a question, I did reply with "Well, thank you very much." Given that she giggled and began to blush, thinking about it, I'm not so sure whether it was a question after all (I'm sure it was, I'm sure it was). Nonetheless, the fact she took it upon herself to comment, demonstrated an interest in my lack of footwear.
  17. barefootben85

    barefootben85 Member

    I decided to go barefoot ten pin bowling today with some friends, who after looking at the provided bowling shoes also decided to go barefoot! I took the bus there and back, no issues at all. Love the smooth slightly oily surface of the alley. The toilets were disgusting through.
  18. mattygroves

    mattygroves Barefooter

    Two interesting incidents while out and about barefoot this week.

    On Wednesday afternoon in Newark town center, I saw a young male/female couple both barefoot. Both were wearing shorts and neither were carrying shoes or bags so they must have gone out barefoot intentionally. Wonder if they are locals?

    Then last night, two girls walking behind me on the other side of the road seemed to be having a long discussion about me. I caught bits of their conversation and heard the words 'bare feet' more than once. Also sure I heard one mention 'earthing'. They were both wearing flip flops, maybe potential barefooters.

    Who knows, perhaps out of all the thousands of people who have seen me barefoot, a few may be encouraged to try it.
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  19. SoftSoles

    SoftSoles Member

    Sounds as though you've had both an interesting and enjoyable week indeed, Matty.

    Given their obvious lack of footwear, I'd agree that the couple you encountered, while wandering around Newark, were definitely barefooting with intent. Did you acknowledge one another as you passed, or were they simply observed from a distance?

    As for the two girls walking behind you, although we exist, we remain a minority amongst of world full of conformists, so our barefoot activity will always draw comments and remarks. Nonetheless, since we live in a largely enlightened society, the fact you heard 'grounding' mentioned suggests that the two girls were aware of how beneficial barefooting can be.
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  20. mattygroves

    mattygroves Barefooter

    Best day for barefooting for a while, it's nice to feel some warm pavements again.

    Went out in blue jeans and a white Led Zeppelin t-shirt, a good look with barefeet I think.

    Took a parcel to the post office, there was a long queue, but the tiled floor felt lovely so I didn't mind, maybe if everyone went barefoot people wouldn't get pissed off waiting in line.

    I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow, I'd love to go barefoot, but I'm not sure if I should..

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