Barefoot In School At All?

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    Long ago in my HS days I have some good memories of girls who were really into going barefoot. We had to don footwear in school. I remember when I was a freshman we had an Earth Science exam. I got a pass to go to the restroom and a female classmate was returning from the girl's room. She ditched her sandals and went barefoot. She shuffled her bare feet on the smooth floors just as I did in stores, etc. She sat in front and to the right of me in Biology the following year and when she propped her black soles out of her sandals I remember seeing her white callouses shining through the dirt. She always went barefoot all over town.
    Another girl went barefoot on the school bus and only put on sandals when walking into the building. She sat in front of me in one calss and I could see she had really tough, calloused soles. I never saw them very dirty but I did see her always barefoot on the roads, parking lots, etc. She never had any discomfort on hot pavement, gravel, etc.
    I recall one short girl with waist length black hair whose soles were pretty dirty. She wore clogs and also had some impressive callouses from going barefoot a lot. I sat behind another girl in my junior year. She worked barefoot in the warehouse of a retail store and her soles were always filthy as I could see when she propped them out of her sandals in English class. Her younger sister wore sandals even in cold weather but she wasn't in any of my classes. From what I could see they weren't dirty.
    These are just a few memories from a time long ago. Today I doubt you'd find anyone like these girls. No one goes barefoot anymore :-(
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    Other than showering after gym class in junior high I never dreamed of going barefoot at school, I was way too shy to. Once when I was in the fifth grade, I didn't bother to wear my tennis shoes to our first session of gym class as I was wearing these black hard sole boots. Our new female phys ed teacher went over the rules and said for those who do not have their tennis shoes, they will have to take off their shoes and socks. I could feel my heart racing at that moment! As previously said, I was painfully shy about anyone seeing my feet, especially the girls. I just stood there frozen in place as with another boy in the class who not have his sneakers either. Two girls got barefoot while me and the other boy somehow got away with keeping our shoes on. What is interesting is that we ate our lunch in the same room, so damaging the floor in our street shoes couldn't been a factor.

    I wish I had the courage to do that back then, kind of bums me out as I would have had lots of fun running around in my bare feet.
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    Foot shy teen. Yeah, that was me too 20 years ago. In retrospect, I've regretted all the lost opportunities once I really got into the barefoot lifestyle. But the school gym classes were actually a rare moment in the past, when my foot shyness didn't bother me as much. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that during that one, or two hours per session, everybody did it. During those hours, all of us kids were barefoot, and so it was relieving to know that my feet didn't stand out in any particular way. It was like being hidden in plain sight.
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    My continuation school was pretty loose.I was barefoot all the time.
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    I have done it, but I usually come up with a plausible excuse. For example, getting my socks wet and saying I couldn't stand wet feet, so I went barefoot. Or saying you brought the wrong shoes, you brought the ones that hurt to wear.
  6. Indoor PE such as gymnastics, volleyball, dance etc were all done in bare feet, no options. And school plays etc were usually a no shoes situation as well. I remember a time when I was very young (maybe reception class or year one) and I had shoes that fastened with velcro and I kept playing with the velcro because I liked the noise. The teacher made me take my shoes off and leave them off for the rest of the day as punishment. I'm pretty sure I had socks on though. One experience I do remember vividly though was a time when we were doing indoor PE in bare feet and the fire alarm went off. It was only a drill but the rules of the drill were that we had to treat it like a real fire. Which meant not stopping to put on shoes or socks. I think the only reason I remember it vividly is because it was November so it was pretty cold and it had been raining so there were puddles as well. Of course, we were only wearing shorts and tshirts as well which wasn't great but it was the bare foot thing I remember most. Thinking back, this may be where my early foot shyness stems from. Standing barefoot outside when everyone except our class had shoes on. And the playground was one of those pebbly concrete ones. Jeez, I'm cringing just thinking about the experience. It wouldn't even phase me now but then it was a big deal.

    The only other time I can think of is when I was about fourteen and my friends and I were having an epic game of dares that lasted weeks. It was summer and I was dared to walk home from school in bare feet. I really didn't want to but the double dare involved phoning a boy I had a crush on so I ended up doing it. I think I kind of liked it even though I wouldn't have admitted it at the time. I remember the concrete being warm and gritty. I remember the most shocking sensation being those bumpy things at the edge of the pavement before you cross the road. It hurt but felt nice at the same time. Our walk home was maybe half an hour and we went into a Tesco for drinks. I kept my shoes off and was surprised by how cold the floor was in there. By the time I got home my feet were dirty and a little sore. I didn't do it again but now I wish I had.
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    I always take my shoes and socks off in School Library and Sometimes in classrooms too, I love it and TBH nobody notices,
  8. Naked_Toes

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    Unfortunately I never took the opportunity, being so shy of showing my feet at that point. Even one day, having to wade through a backed up storm drain to get into the building either junior or senior year, when I got to each class my shoes came off, but I kept the soaking wet socks on all day.

    If I felt then as I do now, I would've walked around barefoot all day. If any of the teachers would've given me any trouble, I'd simply say it's not my fault I had to walk through a lake just to get from the parking lot.
  9. barefootconservative

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    I bet you people notice, but don't say anything about it. That's how I was in school, is notice for sure, I just never said anything about it.
  10. adrianc

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    Gymnastics classes were always undertaken in bare feet, but most of the Olympic guys do that too.

    If it was climbing or vaulting I preferred bare but indoor contact sports in pumps.
  11. Joe45432

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    People do notice my barefeet and say stuff about it but mainly they say You look cool doing it, and they sometimes join me.

    So Maxxy I doubt they dont notice
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    Do you paint you toenails if you go barefoot?

    I sometimes paint mine blue
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    I've never really had an intense conviction toward the whole 'barefooted-ness" largely because I come from a culture where being barefoot at least indoors is a complete everyday thing by default. But that aside, I went to a high school in a North American region and it was a private school where most of the places indoors were carpeted. Sometimes if our shoes became wet due to rain, those shoes came off, along with the socks, which meant the feet were bare.

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